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Analogue Pyro IR Detectors

MPS pyroelectric detectors in standard TO packages are suitable for industrial and medical applications of infrared gas analysis (NDIR). Micro-Hybrid offers 2 and 4 channel detectors in standard TO39 packages. The variants have different filters with optimized absorption in the wavelength range of 4...6µm and are therefore ideal for the measurement of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2).  Our pyroelectric thin film sensor is the basis of outstanding performance features such as high detectivity and modulation frequencies.

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MTS Thermopile Detectors product overview

NDIR evaluation kit

NDIR evaluation kit

NDIR evaluation kit | 7206.02-5.51



Test unit for evaluation of IR emitters and detectors

Applications of Pyro-Sensors

Gas measurement, spectrometry and flame detection are among the typical applications for infrared measurements with pyro detectors. The MPS Pyro detectors from Micro-Hybrid are specially designed for infrared analysis of gases in the optical wavelength range from 4 to 6µm. In this spectrum hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are analyzed. These gases are relevant as process gases and emissions of industry processes as well as respiratory gases in medical applications.

Analysis of industrial gases

Gas analysis in medicine and medical technology

Benefits of MPS Pyro Detectors

Advanced Performance

  • High modulation frequency 7 < fmod < 100 Hz
  • High responsivity 200000 V/W
  • High detectivity D*: 4x108 cm √Hz/W
  • Ultra High Signal to Noise Ratio NEP: 4x10-10 W/√Hz

Easy Handling

  • ultra fast readout
  • amplified output signal (voltage mode, current mode)
  • unipolar version standard
  • bipolar version per request


  • HermeSEAL for harsh conditions (dual channel version only)
  • ambient temperatures from -20°C to 85°C
  • low microphone effect
  • short amortization time in case of temperature shock (<< 1sec)


  • up to 100% customer specific:
    • Housing
    • Amplification
    • Filters
    • Filling Gas

Solutions for evaluation and development

Our Evaluation-Kit is designed for evaluating Micro-Hybrid thermopile- and pyroelectric detectors as well as corresponding IR-emitters. It provides an easy way to get started in NDIR gas analysis without having to develop an electrical circuit or software. Possible applications of our Evaluation-Kit are gas analysis for industrial component evaluation, concept studies or educational use.


  • Easy set up of the IR-emitters and the reading/monitoring of their output data
  • System is flexible, making it possible to optimize the operating parameters for specific usage
  • Data read out of 1 / 2 / 4 channel Pyro- or Thermopile Detectors
  • Integrated power supply for emitter and Pyro detectors
  • integrated software adjustable amplifiers
  • file export
  • software adjustable low / high pass filters for signal processing
  • software selectable signal interpretation (RMS / peak to peak / amplitude)
  • Capture of two channels simultaneously