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automated production line with robots

Electronics & sensor solutions for automation and industrial

As an OEM specialist for customer-specific applications, Micro-Hybrid has experience and know-how in development and production technology. We are the reliable partner for innovative and sustainably successful electronics and sensor solutions in all areas of industry.

We develop sensors and circuits for countless applications like measuring pressure, length, position, distance, temperature, level, gas, control, radiation or the use of LED and UV LED. With a unique technology spectrum, we can realize individual customer projects from sensor chips to complex multilayer circuit modules, for medium up to high quantities. We cover the entire value chain from development to procurement and production.

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A for Aerospace to Z for zero limits - applications and industries

Extensive experience and development successes are just as much a part of our portfolio as the range of technologies and production capacities. Particularly in the industrial sector, our application consultants can provide targeted and comprehensive advice to develop advanced products for each individual customer.

For the production of machines, systems and devices with applications such as automation, process control, machine and system safety, electronics and sensor modules from Micro-Hybrid offer decisive advantages. We can address all industry-specific requirements and deliver optimal product results for aerospace, environmental and energy, chemical, metal, mechanical or process engineering applications.

Fields of use and application samples

We develop individual and efficient product solutions for durable, reliable and precise measuring instruments and machines for: Gas measurement, remote temperature measurement, level measurement, surface scanner, pressure measurement, position and distance measurement and more.

various applications such as

  • Condition monitoring

  • Leakage detection

  • Water treatment

  • Vacuum technology

  • Semiconductor lithography

  • Process & machine monitoring

  • Quality control,

  • ...

Electronics for every application - pressure, length, position, distance, temperature, level, gas, control, radiation, LED, UV LED & more


Development, production and all areas of the value chain are regularly certified.


We offer the complete service from development to production as well as all back end processes such as procurement, warehousing and integration into your value and supply chain. Our sales managers guide you in developing outstanding products.