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NDIR gas analysis measuring up to 3 gases with 4 channel thermopile detectors

Parallel detection of several gases using individually combined filters

Healthcare, safety engineering, process control - multigas analysis is used in many industries

Micro-Hybrid offers the ideal solution for simultaneous measurement of up to three gases including reference channel with the four-channel thermopile detector MTS 4 SENS.

  • Combine optical filters individually for the sample gases in the application
  • High detectivity up to 7.2x108 cm x Hz1/2/W
  • High senasitivity up to 295 V/W
  • Long lasting and reliable

The MTS 4 SENS is available in a TO39 housing as a standard version for 3C and NOX measurement. Our application consultants can advise you on customization for filters, windows (FOV) or housings.

The application and the wavelength range of the sample gases define the appropriate filter selection. The transmission range of the filters determines the frequency range of the infrared radiation detected by the thermopile detector. The filters are primarily characterized by their center wavelength and the full width at half maximum.

Table with the technical specifications of the filters for the IR emitters of the Micro-Hybrid

When measuring several gases in one sensor, cross-sensitivities can arise due to overlapping absorption bands of the measuring gases. This can be reduced to a large extent by a clever selection of IR wavelength filters.

For each MTS IR detector you will also find the suitable IR emitter for your application in gas measurement.

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