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A red train is running on the tracks, the background is blurred because of the high speed.

Acceleration sensors for derailment protection

Predict and prevent damage on all types of rolling stock

Critical accelerations in rail traffic can cause high damage. Sensors can detect these vibrations and initiate appropriate countermeasures in good time – for the protection of people and materials.

The AccTRANS acceleration sensor measures precisely vibrations that can be caused by a pendulum movement between the gauge of the rail vehicle and the track gauge. This instability due to the track clearance is permanently detected as acceleration in a measuring range of ± 4g. The sensor is installed in the outer area of the vehicle directly on the bogie and is thus coupled with its mechanical components with sufficient strength.


If the measured vibration values exceed a tolerable limit, this can cause damage to the rail vehicle. The risk of derailment of the rail vehicles arises. The sensor converts the measured values to an analog electric signal of between four and twenty milliamperes. The signal can be used to initiate preventive slowdown or temporary limitation of the train's speed. Accidents and damage caused by unstable running of the bogie are avoided successfully in this way.

In accordance with DIN EN 50155, the AccTRANS is designed to operate directly in the on-board network of rail vehicles. The extremely robust housing allows the sensor to perform under the toughest conditions in the outdoor area of the train. The housing is extremely resistant to stone impact, dust and moisture and ensures high functional reliability. In the standard configuration, the sensor is available in out webshop - with a measuring range of ± 2, 4 or 5g and 24 or 110 volts supply voltage. Customized solutions, adaptation of technical parameters or retrofitting are also possible on request.

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