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Space probe and sensor technology in space with a planet in the background

Challenge (Ultra) High Vacuum (UHV)

Avoidance of failures due to outgassing caused condensates

Long-term stable and reliable use of electronics even in vacuum by ceramic multilayer circuits.

Applications of sensors and measuring technology under vacuum are mainly in the space sector and in industrial machines and plants. Here, the highest expectations for long-term reliability are placed. Vacuum is one of the critical environmental conditions for electronic circuits. The outgassing of PCBs is one of the main problems. It occurs when gases trapped in the materials used in a UHV environment are "sucked out". The variety of composites from which PCBs are made makes this phenomenon a significant problem. In the vacuum environment, air and other gases are drawn out of the permeable materials and can subsequently condense on nearby surfaces. The condensate can cause interference with optical instruments.

The challenge for developers and system designers is therefore mainly the choice of suitable materials & technologies for the assembly and packaging of electronic circuits. Conventional PCBs are not suitable for such demanding applications due to their material properties. Ceramic carrier materials such as LTCC or AL2O3 thick film hybrids can solve some of the disadvantages of conventional PCB's and housings. The combination of miniaturization potential and advantageous material properties of ceramic materials makes these substrate technologies indispensable for the realization of highly complex and sensitive electronics in critical environments.

Micro-Hybrid offers not only the in-house development and production of ceramic multilayer circuits based on LTCC or Al2O3 thick film hybrids, but also the technological complement through suitable assembly and connection techniques from SMD assembly, soldering assembly to chip and wire bonding.

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Packaging box of a NDIR bundle with infrared emitters and infrared detectors

Just five steps to results

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MicroFLOW gas flow sensor with printed circuit boards, cuvette, and gas connections

New flow sensors for NDIR gas anlyses

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