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Sequence of infrared emitters in different housings

Customized up to 100%

We solve your measuring task with infrared radiators that can be individually fitted.

Dust, heat fluctuations or aggressive gases are the natural enemies of any IR emitter. For a reliable measurement result, a permanent high level of infrared radiation must be emitted but ambient conditions can have a significant impact on the radiation output.


To protect the membrane of the radiator chip from destructive environmental influences, we offer insulated versions of our JSIR emitters. For applications in harsh environments (high temperatures, humidity or aggressive gases) we hermetically seal our components with HermeSeal® technology.

In addition we can use different types of optical filters to define a certain spectral range within the infrared spectrum. A filling gas is another factor that helps to increase efficiency:

  • defined parameters for humidity and pressure
  • higher radiation power
  • adjustable time constant

With its NAC-coated membrane, the JSIR 350 series sources have a particularly high radiation output. Therefore they are also suitable for longer measuring distances from 2 cm upwards. They possess a very good black body radiation characteristic and low time constants.

Due to different normed packages like SMD and TO housings, our JSIR emitters can be easily implemented in any application.

Send your request to our experts and get an individual support for your personal measurement project.

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