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HIGH-PERFORMANCE sensor systems for new applications

Micro-Hybrid is a strong associate in the Thuringian cluster HIPS

For developing innovative and highly integrated sensors, the Thuringian alliance of research institutes and high-tech companies relies on the cutting-edge fusion of silicon and ceramic multilayer Technology.

There's something big going on in the technology triangle Jena/Hermsdorf, Ilmenau, Erfurt. The HIPS cluster creates a network of innovative companies in the field of sensor development and forms an entrepreneurial, jointly acting association. Development engineers from research and industry are working in several group projects on the development and marketing of newly developed, robust and highly integrated sensors based on an unique combination of silicon technology (Si) and ceramic multilayer technology (Cer). By combining the advantages and know-how from both worlds, a unique and extraordinary new technology platform for a wide range of different sensors is created.

Micro-Hybrid is participating in two of the three joint projects.

Overview of the 3 collaborative projects with their main topics

Within the joint project "Research of a multifunctional substrate technology for sensors with highest performance" a platform for highly integrated electronic systems with extended sensor functionality is being researched. The aim of the project is to monolithically bond LTCC and Si-MEMS technology to meet the trend of increasing miniaturization. In addition to the electrical functions, thermal, fluidic and extended capacitive or inductive add-on features should be integrated. Last but not least, such a system can improve the reliability of the components and enable new microsystem solutions that have not been practicable so far.

In joint project 3 the focus is on "Gas sensors based on SiCer composite substrate technology". Micro-Hybrid will carry out the development and evaluation of the direct SiCer components. These consist of IR emitters, IR detectors and the SiCer sensors for pressure and temperature.

Dr. Knuth Baumgärtel, spokesman of the growth core and Managing Director of Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH summarizes the added value of the project: "SiCer technology, when brought to application maturity by HIPS, enables the construction of hybrid microsystems based on silicon and ceramics with a completely new level of functional integration. For Micro-Hybrid, in both the innovative aspect of being able to derive novel products for new markets, networking and cooperation with the best regional institutes and companies is of outstanding importance".

Micro-Hybrid works continuously on the development and optimization of its products and processes through cooperation with other companies, research institutes and publicly funded joint projects. Contact person for inquiries regarding Micro-Hybrid's participations is Head of Development Steffen Biermann

Several circuits of the company Micro-Sensor available for small series production

Production in small series

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