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Packaging box of a NDIR bundle with infrared emitters and infrared detectors

Just five steps to results

Select gas – order – unpack – install - measure!

MH NDIR bundles are the fast solution for demand of IR components at short notice in development projects. They are perfectly matched to detect the individual absorption spectrum of one target gas.

In the case of urgently needed IR components for quick testing processes the new Micro-Hybrid online shop provides the easy solution. As the only manufacturer worldwide of IR emitters and IR detectors we offer both IR components for analyzing IR active gases. The new NDIR bundles give our customers direct access to small quantities of emitters and detectors - in a test package at an attractive price. For the most common applications in gas measurement we have combined the perfect pair of components.

The NDIR bundles contain samples of a NAC based IR emitter, of the JSIR 350 series, or the high-end black silicon emitter JSIR 360 for long wavelength active gases. The suitable partner is a highly sensitive thermopile two channel detector of our MTS200 series with a narrow band pass filter. The optical filter is adapted to the typical wavelength range of the target gas.  

The kits for nine different gases will be exclusively available in our online shop from Q4 2020

  • carbon dioxide (CO2),
  • carbon monoxide (CO),
  • nitrous oxide (N2O),
  • nitrogen monoxide (NO), hydrocarbons (HxCy),
  • water (H2O),
  • sulphur dioxide (SO2),
  • alcohols (-OH) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6).

The MH Online Shop already offers a wide range of IR-emitters, IR-detectors and our MH gas sensors. Check out our online Shop and order now.

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