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Multi chip module all in one service

Implementation and production of MCMs and advanced packages – all steps of the value chain from one source.

For the production of highly complex electronic assemblies we are specialized in the development and series production of customer-specific multichip modules.

Depending on customer requirements and operating conditions in the field we use ceramic circuit carriers, HTCC - / LTCC - and hybrid. Multilayer circuits based on LTCC and thick-film hybrid ceramics are produced in-house at our facilities in Germany.  

The assembly of passive & active components such as bare DIE's is not based on a classical soldering technology, but on adhesive application using the jet process. Increased requirements for the overall assemblies are also met in this way. Negative influences due to flux residues, for example, are avoided. Reliability is thus increased, even under high temperature requirements of the electronics application.

For wire bonding of active components, particularly high positioning accuracy with a small fine pitch range (< 30 µm) is required for electrical contacting. For multiple and stepped bonding in different planes, bonding wires of only 20 µm diameter are used. In this way, Micro-Hybrid achieves a significantly higher degree of miniaturization compared to conventional bonding technology with wire diameters of 32 or 50 µm.

From the development of the circuit layout, through the selection of required components, to the development of the overall assembly and introduction into the series process, we reliably implement all specifications. We test application and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock and vibration loads etc. on the module in-house.

All processes as well as quality controls are implemented by using valid industry standards such as IPC, JEDEC, J-STD, partly ESA, MIL or special customer specifications. Our employees are demonstrably trained on a regular basis.

However, the challenge of series production of complex electronic modules also consists of change processes, revisions or further developments in the ongoing product life cycle. Our engineering team can react dynamically and flexibly to such requirements and develop effective solutions, including complete production documentation. Order-related customer solutions can thus be implemented in an uncomplicated and fast manner.



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Multi chip module all in one service

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