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One gas – one box

Get a head start on development of gas measurement applications with IR components in a bundle

Shorter time to market by rapid test and measurement results

Micro-Hybrid offers a solution for a faster procurement in the development project. We designed a test kit with perfectly matched components to be used in the most common applications in NDIR gas analysis.

Our NDIR bundles are available from stock. There is no minimum order quantity. QR codes to the data sheet and standard interfaces with TO housing ensure fast integration in almost any test system. Developers get reliable measurement results in a short time when analyzing IR active gases.

Each box contains five premium IR emitters and the fitting IR thermopile detectors. They are available for

  • carbon dioxide (CO2),
  • carbon monoxide (CO),
  • nitrous oxide (N2O),
  • nitric oxide (NO),
  • hydrocarbons (HC),
  • sulfur dioxide (SO2),
  • alcohols (-OH),
  • sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)

All NDIR bundles consist of long-term stable, NAC-based IR emitters of our JSIR 350 series or high-end black silicon IR emitters JSIR 360. These IR sources are combined with highly sensitive thermopile dual detectors . The optical filter of the dual-channel detector is optimized for the spectral range of the measurement gas.

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