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Presentation of a new infrared emitter at SPIE Photonics West 2020

The lecture on "Innovative, nanostructured IR emitters for NDIR measurement systems in harsh environments" is focusing on pioneering technologies for components in IR gas measurement.

Micro-Hybrid Head of Development Steffen Biermann presents the latest IR emitter technology at the Optoelectronics Conference in San Francisco

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The event is considered the most important optoelectronics conference worldwide and deals with the latest developments in optoelectronic technologies and their applications.

In his lecture Steffen Biermann presents an advanced infrared emitter, consisting of non-periodic silicium-microstructure and a platinum-nano-composition, which enables an exceptionally high emission intensity. A spectral broadband emission coefficient ε of nearly 1 is achieved.

The emitter is based on a MEMS hot-plate design containing a high temperature stable molybdenum silicide heater resistive layer embedded in a multilayer membrane consisting of silicon nitride and silicon oxide.

A SiO2 protective layer ensures the temperature resistance of the silicon-platinum micro-nanostructure up to 800 °C. The long-term stability of the spectral behavior at 750 °C has been demonstrated by FTIR measurements over 100,000 h.

The low thermal mass of the multilayer MEMS membrane leads to a time constant of 28 ms which enables high chopper frequencies. A precondition for long term stability under rough conditions is a real hermetic housing. High temperature stable packaging technologies were developed.

Accompanying the SPIE Photonics conferences, a trade fair takes place at the Moscone Center from February 04 to 06. MICRO-HYBRID will be present at booth 4545-43 at the German Pavilion in hall F.  Key Account Manager Patrick Sachse and Head of Development Steffen Biermann will be happy to answer your questions.

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