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A man in a white lab coat with pretective goggles and gloves places a test tube in an incubator

Rapid and safe sterilizing of cell incubators

Easy to handle CO2 sensors

Heat resistance up to 190 °C allows the incubation chamber to be disinfected without removing the sensor

The interior of cell incubators must be sterilized regularly to prevent cross-contamination. This precaution avoids unwanted influences during cell cultivation. The World Health Organization recommends the heating of the incubator interior up to 170 °C for a longer period of time when sterilizing with dry heat.

The CO2 sensor MicroSENS Hightemp by Micro-Hybrid is especially designed for carbon dioxide measurement in cell incubators which controls the ideal cell and tissue growth. It is placed directly in the incubation chamber in order to permanently and accurately measure the CO2 concentration.

The MicroSENS Hightemp IR carbon dioxide sensor does not need to be removed or covered for sterilization. It withstands heat treatment up to 190 °C for many hundreds of cycles. This feature enables the user to reliably sterilize the incubator again and again without using additional chemical disinfectants.

With a tested, specification-compliant lifetime of more than 500 sterile cycles, MicroSENS Hightemp is currently the most robust and durable CO2 incubator sensor on the market.
Users will get reliable measurements of the CO2 concentration with minimum maintenance and user-friendly sterilization. A potentially risky manual deactivation of the sensor during the sterilization phase is not necessary.

With this sensor MICRO-HYBRID supports researchers by ensuring clear environmental conditions of cell cultures for reliable research results in the fields of biotechnology and medicine. Learn more.

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