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Industrial plant with piping and rotary valves

Sensors and electronics for monitoring machines and plants

Micro-Hybrid products and competencies around condition monitoring at Sensor+Test 2021

Downtime of machines and plants is the declared enemy of industrial production.  One of the most important tools to minimize these downtimes is continuous condition monitoring.

For this purpose, different parameters have to be monitored. The sometimes very difficult environmental conditions also have to be taken into account. By means of infrared measurement technology and sensor technology, the detection and monitoring of temperature, gases or flames is carried out contactless and precisely.

Micro-Hybrid develops and produces IR components, sensors and sensor elements as well as customized gas sensors for different applications for monitoring machines and processes:

IR Pyrometer

Visit us online at Sensor +Test 2021 and discover the components and solutions  for your development project. Register with your personal link now: sensor ticket

Our sales team will be happy to advise you in any project phase. We can customize the established Micro-Hybrid standard components up to 100% - depending on the individual requirements of your application.

We are your partner for advanced sensor development projects.

train in station

ImuSENS – the new inertial measurement unit

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MHE athletics junior wins silver medal

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