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Men stand infront of a large telescope mirror and look at a tablet

Sensors for the world´s largest eye.

High-performance electronics from Micro-Hybrid provide fantastic insights into the universe.

High-tech for the search for indications of the formation of celestial bodies, the discovery of black holes as well as water and organic molecules.

In 2025, the world's largest and most powerful optical reflector telescope, in Short E-ELT, is expected to enter service. Nearly 10,000 ceramic LTCC electronic modules developed specifically for this project will be installed in edge sensors for position measurement. The sensors on the nearly 800 hexagonal segments of the primary mirror are so precise that they can determine the mirror positions to within a few nanometers. This ensures perfect alignment of the mirror elements that make up the highly specialized and complex system of the primary telescope mirror.

The telescope's mirrors capture visible light and a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The precision work of the edge sensors on the mirrors and the bundling of 15 times more light than in previous telescopes make it possible to capture extraordinary images that are 16 times sharper than those of the Hubble Telescope.

LTCC technology as the basis for the electronics enables the position sensors to be used in the very demanding conditions and ensures long-term stable and reliable measurement results under the harsh conditions in the field.

At the E-ELT's site, in the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest desert in the world, temperature differences of 30 degrees during the day and minus 15 degrees at night prevail. The high-performance sensors from the Micro-Hybrid LTCC Competence Center in Ilmenau are resistant to these enormous temperature ranges.

The client for the mammoth project is the European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere, ESO. It is the leading intergovernmental organization for astronomy in Europe and focuses on the construction and operation of ground-based observation facilities with ambitious programs.

We eagerly await the images and answers to the origin of all life.

New students und trainees stand on the balcony of the Micro-Hybrid company building and wave

Career kick-off at high-tech campus

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A red train of the company Deutsche Bahn drives out of a large roofed station

Railway sensors right at the grid - attach, connect and that´s it.

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Packaging technologies for detectors for non-contact temperature measurement in metal industry.

Non contact temperature measurement for the metal industry

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