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Use of pyrodetectors for gas analysis

Basic knowledge of infrared measurement technology - NDIR analysis of IR active gases

When are Pyrodetectors the suitable sensors for long-wave gases?

NDIR gas analysis, an optical measurement method for analyzing the concentrations of IR active gases, is carried out using two infrared components: A radiation source and an infrared detector. Thermal infrared sensors are radiation detectors that experience a temperature change through the absorption of IR radiation. This is then converted into an electrical output signal.

In the class of thermal infrared sensors there are thermoelectric and pyroelectric sensors. Thermopile detectors are often used to measure gas concentrations. Pyroelectric detectors differ in that they have a significantly higher modulation frequency. In addition, unlike thermopile sensors, there is no temperature dependency.

These characteristics make pyroelectric sensors particularly suitable for applications where a fast measurement frequency is required. In the medical field, for example, frequencies >15Hz are required in capnography in order to achieve reliable measurement results and thus reliable indications of a patient's respiratory gases.

The ROHS-compliant MPS pyrodetectors are particularly suitable for use in respiratory gas analysis due to their speed and performance. For measuring frequencies between 5 and 15 Hz, for example in industrial applications, the MPS Lita sensors are the ideal alternative to conventional thermopiles.

Do's and don`ts for the application of IR components

In order not to impair the functionality of the detectors and to ensure optimum performance of the measurement module, we have compiled a few essential recommendations for action:

  • Reduce mechanical influences on pins
  • Avoid contact with windows
  • Observe ESD standards

Electrotechnical notes for the implementation of MPS pyrosensors


Please observe:

  • Frequency range according to data sheet
  • Supply voltage according to data sheet
  • Application-specific connection to component housing

Questions on application and implementation

At Micro-Hybrid you will find the entire product range of thermal infrared sensors and the matching IR radiation sources. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the application and implementation of detectors.

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