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Robot arm Cobot UR3e takes IR emitters and places them in a measuring device

Welcome to the team - Robot Armin in action

Robot Cobot UR3e is specially designed für use in close proximity to people.

The expert for pick-and-place tasks is therefore used as a full team member in electronics manufacturing.

As the world market leader in the development and production of sophisticated, customer-specific electronics solutions, we rely on the digitization of specific production processes. The specialized robot „Cobot UR3e“will carry out the measurement of individual infrared detectors and thus support the employees.

The gripper arm places sensors for contactless temperature measurement in the measuring device. A measuring head attached to the gripper then establishes the electrical contact for the measurement. Chip resistance and sensitivities are now checked in a measuring box and the detector is then placed by the robot in different product carriers.

As part of Industry 4.0, Micro-Hybrid is focusing specifically on digitalization and automation. The strategy envisages the increased use of collaborative robots for specific production processes. In the current project involving Cobot "Armin", student Markus Heise is responsible for the metrological programming and the complete design of the robot workstation.  As a so-called Prof-of-Concept, the project serves as a factual basis for further investments in this area. The planning and implementation is based on Micro-Hybrid's digitalization initiative, which provides for the targeted upgrading of production by investing in additional robots.

"We see digital solutions as a complement to the outstanding skills and abilities of our employees," says CEO Dr. Knuth Baumgärtel.

The Cobot U3, which was funded by the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society through the "Digitalbonus" program, relieves its human colleagues of long, monotonous tasks and enables them to work even more efficiently. Due to the increased automation in the production of infrared detectors, new articles can be flexibly and easily integrated into the measurement processes.

Take a virtual tour of our production area in Hermsdorf. Click here for the virtual tour.

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