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Company group

The Micro-Epsilon Group is a group of medium-sized companies with a focus on sensor technology and measurement technology. More than 900 employees worldwide form a strong network.

The strengths of this group of companies lie in the synergy effects of the respective development and production areas as well as in the mutual transfer of knowledge and know-how. Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH was founded in 1992 by Werner Baumgärtel (shareholder, managing director until 2006) and the Micro-Epsilon Group.

The main activities of the group of companies include displacement sensors and dimensional measurement technology, infrared temperature measurement technology, thick-film technology and electronic manufacturing, acceleration sensors, thermopiles, color sensors, fiber optics, endoscopy, weighing technology and medical systems. Customers benefit in a special way from the multitude of technologies. In this way, the most suitable solution can always be selected. Especially for OEM applications with large quantities, cost-effective products are developed that are tailored to individual customer requirements. More about Micro-Epsilon

More about Micro-Epsilon

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