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NDIR gas sensors

We develop high quality and trendsetting NDIR gas sensor modules for measuring and detection of gas concentrations in industry, medicine, enviroment and labor technic.

Benefits of our gas sensors

Reliable and highly accurate measurement results

by the use of high-quality IR components and packaging technologies made by Micro-Hybrid as well as our unique engineering know-how

Specially designed for harsh environments

Our HermeSEAL technologies enable gas sensors to be offered for use in harsh environments. High temperatures up to 190° C and difficult environmental conditions are no obstacle for our sensors.

Durable and stable

Our high-quality standards for components and processes guarantee stability and a long service life.

Innovative and flexible

Continuous further development of all components and parts with a focus on long-term stability and harsh environmental conditions, multi-gas solutions and many years of experience make us your OEM partner for the development of gas sensors.

NDIR gas sensors
your individual project inquiry

From the idea to the finished sensor in series - we are your partner for the solution of your measurement task.

MicroSENS - CO2 gas sensors for diffusion-based gas measurement

The gas sensor measures and monitors the concentration of carbon dioxide in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical incubators to ideally control cell and tissue growth. The CO2 sensor impresses with low drift, high accuracy and long-term stable performance in daily use. It is suitable for absorption distances up to 50 mm. The sensor head is placed directly in the atmosphere to be measured. The probe can be heat sterilized at up to 190 °C. This makes cleaning easy and safe with a lower risk of cross-contamination. The integrated compensation of temperature and pressure fluctuations leads to an easy integration of the gas sensor into the measurement system and prevents handling errors.

MicroSENS High temp ir carbon dioxide sensor


  • IR dual beam technology
  • open measuring cuvette
  • automatic standby function at 85 °C
  • hermetically sealed IR components
  • temperature and pressure compensation

MicroFLOW - Gas sensors for analysis applications and gas detectors

The flow sensor is specially designed for various gas measurement applications for absorption distances up to 100 mm such as environmental monitoring, process control or leak detection. The design is particularly suitable for installation in mobile gas detectors. The sensor measures combustible and explosive gases such as methane or propane up to the lower explosion limit (0 - 4.4Vol%) and can be easily integrated into OEM systems. The inline sensor impresses during data acquisition in the field with its high accuracy, integrated temperature measurement and long-term stability due to low signal drift.

MicroFLOW IR methane sensor


  • IR dual beam process
  • MEMS based infrared components
  • reflective cuvette
  • 5 point calibration for high accuracy
  • compensation of temperature and pressure

Applications of monitoring and measurement of gases

The fields of application for the measurement of technical gases and liquids are enormously wide. More than 100 different gases (propane, methane, carbon dioxide and others, refrigerants, anesthetic gases, liquids such as oil and many more) can be reliably detected in fields of process control, environmental measurement and laboratory analysis. The gases can be detected by using non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR) from ppm to the percentage range. This method finds numerous applications in industry, medicine, laboratory, safety and environmental measurement technology.


Monitoring the gas concentration in fruit ripening sites and greenhouses
Monitoring the concentration of relevant gases, such as CO2 or ethylene, enables optimal conditions in fruit ripening warehouses and greenhouses.
Usage of our gas sensors in agriculture
MicroSENS High temp ir carbon dioxide sensor

The optimal CO2 figure allows plants to grow faster and in an improved quality or lets harvested fruits ripen. CO2 sensors are used in agricultural process control in greenhouses and fruit storage facilities to ensure stable environmental conditions.

Usage of our gas sensors in industriell process control

Gas detection devices in industriell process controll are primarily used to ensure the safety of people and plants - for example explosion protection in mining. Furthermore, production processes can be monitored and quality requirements can be met.

MicroSENS High temp ir carbon dioxide sensor
Usage of our gas sensors in cell incubators
MicroSENS High temp ir carbon dioxide sensor

In labratory controlled conditions for various growth processes are created in an incubator. A regulated microclimate is created with defined conditions, e.g. for temperature. Cells are mainly cultivated in a CO2 incubator, for which humidity and carbon dioxide content are also controlled.

Our high quality NDIR gas sensors impress by measuring of infrared active gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4) nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen monoxide (NO), hydrocarbons (HC), sulfur dioxide (SO2), alcohols (-OH) and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) from ppm to percent with reliable measurement results, design and ease of use. We also offer customer and maintenance services such as calibration service and equipment. Micro-Hybrid is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial sensors for gas analysis with more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of IR components.

We develop your gas sensor module!