Gyro sensor

Gyro sensors for measuring the rotation rate

Our gyro sensors are used on all types of rail vehicles to reliably detect curves by analyzing the rotation rate. These special inertial sensors are also called rotation rate sensors and measure the rotation speed of a body.

A micromechanical spring-mass system of the CoriSENS sensors uses the Coriolis force to detect rotation. It is highly insensitive to transverse forces caused by disturbing vibrations or mechanical noises. Offset compensation minimizes the natural drift effect of the gyroscope with a low-pass filter. Faster changes of the gyroscope output, e.g. a rotation due to curve movement, are fed directly to the sensor output and form the signal for curve acquisition.

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CoriSENS rotation rate sensors product overview

CoriSENS - Gyro sensors for measuring the rotation rate

CoriSENS is a uniaxial rotation rate sensor. It detects the angular velocity of rotation around its measuring axis based on MEMS technology. A spring-mass system continuously measures the deflection of a seismic mass, which is excited to vibrate at high frequency. This value is proportional to the angular velocity and is then output in the form of a 4-20 mA current signal or 0-10 V voltage signal.


  • Measuring range ±12 °/s (adjustable on request)
  • Current output 4-20 mA
  • Voltage output 0-10 V
  • Protection class IP42
  • Temperature range -40 to +85 °C
Curve detection as important measurement information for driver assistance systems
CoriSENS supplies raw data for curve detection - the signals are processed by driver assistance systems.

Curve detection - sensors to determine the optimal acceleration point

The CoriSENS rate of rotation sensor was developed to provide an effective way to detect driving through curves. CoriSENS measures the angular velocity of a train car's rotation around its vertical axis. These measured values are passed on to the train control system. If the angular velocity falls below a certain level, a signal can be given to the train driver indicating that the curve exit of the last wagon has been reached. This allows the train driver to accelerate safely again.

Curve of a train in the mountains


  • Relief of the train driver through effective assistance system
  • Increased efficiency in training new train drivers
  • Improving train safety, reducing accidents

Micro-Sensor - Inertial sensors for railway and rail vehicles

Micro-Sensor GmbH, a subsidiary of Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH, is part of the Micro-Epsilon Group. As a competence center for inertial sensor technology, the company develops sensors for measuring acceleration, inclination and rotation rates for railway applications and industry.

Micro-Sensor rail inertial sensors are exclusively available from Micro-Hybrid.