TS1x56S-B-D2.5-4-N2-B2 | 4591.11-F.01

Thermopile detector for contactless temperature measurement MTS1TEMP56

ATTENTION: 1 piece packaging unit contains 200 detectors each!

  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Detectivity: 0.67*108 cmHz1/2/W with nitrogen filling.
  • Sensitivity: typ. 31 V/W
  • Filter cut on 5.5 µm optimized for non-contact temperature measurement in high-volume applications
  • Applications: e.g. medical / life science, building automation
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MTS1TEMP56 side


ATTENTION: 1 piece packaging unit contains 200 detectors each!

The MEMS-based MTS1TEMP56 detects infrared radiation for non-contact temperature measurement. The 56 silicon thermopiles absorb the incoming radiated energy. The integrated mass absorber ensures the efficient conversion of the radiated energy into thermal energy. The thermocouples convert this thermal energy into electrical energy, which is output as a measurement signal.

The single channel thermopile is the best choice for mass applications with quantities above 50000 pieces per year in medical and life science applications or in building automation. The TO46 package with small dimensions makes this component especially suitable for mobile devices.

With a detectivity up to 0.67 *108 cmHz1/2/W as well as a sensitivity up to 31 V/W, the materials offer reliable measurement results at a very good price/performance ratio. Nitrogen was used as backfill gas and a filter with a transmission cut on 5.5 µm.

All technical information you can find in the datasheet. Our sales team will be pleased to advise you on graduated prices for larger quantities.

Technical data

Applications Temperature measurement
Sensitivity [V/W] 31
Package TO46
Aperture ø 2.55
Channels 1
Operating temperature [°C] -20 … +85
D* x [cm x Hz½/W] 0.67 x 108

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