Beschleunigungssensor AccTRANS 110V4

AccTRANS 110V4

robust acceleration sensor suitable for applications in rail vehicles with measuring range 4g and 110 V supply voltage

  • extremely rugged sensor components are the ideal choice for outdoor operation of trains
  • EN50155 compliance simplifies certification process
  • modular design enables fast OEM adaptation of various parameters
  • Improvement of transport safety
  • Decrease in train accidents
  • Easy integration into onboard power supply of the train due to compatible power supply range
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A micro-electromechanical spring-mass-system is continuously measuring the acceleration and transforms the measured data into an analog 4-20mA output signal. The sensor complies with the standards of DIN EN 50155 for railway vehicles. It is espacially intended to be used in the on-board network of rail vehicles.
Its extrem rugged housing enables applications in harsh conditions in the outskirt area of the vehicle, directly at the bogie. The sensor impresses by its high ruggedness against impact, dust as well as moisture and guarantees high reliability. The device detects accelerations in a measuring range of ± 4g and operates with 110 Volt supply voltage.

Model AccTRANS 110V4
Item number 6206.05-5.51
Supply voltage 110
Measuring range 4g
Sensitivity [mA/g] 2,0