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MicroFLOW CO . 50 Vol.-%

VKM2002980 | VKM2002980

Inline NDIR gas sensor for measurement of carbon monoxide up to 50% by volume

  • Very high measuring accuracy: < 1 % max. deviation
  • High long-term stability thanks to NDIR dual-beam method
  • Pressure compensation through integrated pressure sensor in the cell block
  • Digital interfaces RS232/ CAN-Bus integrated as standard
  • Cell optimized for CO sample gas in the measuring range up to 50 % by volume
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The MicroFLOW CO.50 Vol.-% sensor is suitable for a wide range of demanding applications that require precision and reliability.



Industry: In many industries, particularly those that involve burning fossil fuels or chemical processes, it is crucial to monitor carbon monoxide to protect workers from health hazards and minimize environmental impact.

Aerospace: In aircraft and spacecraft, CO-monitoring is essential to ensure that air quality is acceptable to passengers and crew, meets health standards, and poses no threat to the crew. This is especially important because air circulates in enclosed systems and high CO levels can cause health problems.

Environmental and energy technology: These applications involve the burning of fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, or coal in power stations or industrial plants, producing CO as a by-product. Accurate monitoring of CO emissions is necessary to optimize combustion efficiency, decrease emissions, and meet environmental regulations.

Agricultural technology: In agricultural technology, measuring carbon monoxide is crucial for animal husbandry. Inadequate ventilation in barns increases CO levels. This can harm animal health and affect farming operations. Monitoring this gas helps farmers take steps to improve animal welfare and operations. CO measurement also prevents unwanted fermentation processes when storing agricultural products like grain.


Our NDIR gas sensor provides accurate results for measuring carbon monoxide. The measured gas concentration deviates by less than one percent throughout the measuring range of up to 50 % by volume, thanks to the 10-point linearization.

Our sensor can reliably detect even the smallest changes in the gas mixture, making it suitable for detecting minimal gas concentrations. You can choose the application measuring range, such as 5 vol.-%, within the measuring range of 0 to 50 vol.-%.

Deviation in measurements due to pressure changes or barometric fluctuations are rectified by the µP.sens pressure sensor located within the cuvette block (< 0.1 % / 10 hPa). The possibility of leaks and manipulated data is eliminated. By integrating the pressure sensor into the cuvette block, space requirements are reduced when compared to similar sensors.

Temperature compensation is guaranteed for every sensor module. Each module is tested and adjusted in the climate chamber by measuring it with a predetermined concentration of test gas and recording and correcting the error curve. The testing and adjustments are carried out at the zero and end points as well as at other typical temperatures within the sensor's operating range of 5 - 45 °C. This procedure ensures that the maximum deviation is less than  1 % per 10K.



With the digital interfaces RS232 and CAN bus, the most commonly used industrial interfaces are available as standard. When ordering, you select an interface for your individual presetting. With the MARS light software, you can easily change the interface later if required. To do this, please follow the steps in the software manual.

The cuvette is optimized for carbon monoxide in the concentration of the measuring range of up to 50 % by volume.

Our sensor enables measurements in a wide pressure range of 300 - 1200 hPa. This gives customers an extended range of applications compared to conventional sensors, for example for applications in higher geographical locations or for systems that work with negative pressure.



The anodized aluminium gas connection blocks offer long-lasting performance and reliable operation in challenging conditions due to their high chemical resistance. In addition, the stainless steel gas connections provide enhanced durability.

Testing in the climatic chamber within the temperature operating range eliminates premature component failures.



The MARS light software specially developed for the gas sensors is available to download free of charge. This means that your gas sensor is ready for immediate use. You save time in the project as you do not have to develop your own software for initial test measurements. The sensor consumes less than 1 watt, making it suitable for use with battery-powered devices. Additionally, its voltage range of 9 to 30 volts allows for easy integration into most existing systems.

Depending on the application, gases may need pre-cooling or heating prior to analysis. Monitoring the gas temperature in the measuring system can prevent gas condensation effects in the cuvette.

Unlike many comparable products, the modular design means that cleaning and maintenance can be carried out with little effort.

All information on set up and use can be found in the manual.

You will find a handy ovewiev of the most important technical details in our data sheet. We will be happy to advise you on your individual questions and requirements.

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