MicroSENS 180-HS

MicroSENS | 7202.02-B.00

gas sensor for CO2 measurement in incubators

  • IR dual beam technology
  • Temperature and pressure compensated
  • Heat-sterilizable up to 180° C
  • Long lifetime
  • Humidity correction
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This IR CO2 sensor has been specially optimized for the
measurement of 5 Vol-% CO2 in cell incubators to manage ideal cell and tissue growth.
The sensor can be placed directly in the incubation
chamber to measure the exact cell experienced environment. It determines the CO2 concentration based on its IR absorption.


  • Monitoring and measuring CO2 concentration in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical incubators for cell and tissue growth
  • To guarantee regulatory compliance
  • Reliable test and process results

Technical data

Measuring gas
  • CO2

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