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MicroSENS 180-HS

MicroSENS | 7202.02-C.01

NDIR gas sensor for CO2 measurement in incubators, heat sterilizable at 180 °C

  • IR dual-beam technology
  • Temperature and pressure compensated
  • Heat sterilizable at typ. 180 °C (maximum up to 190 °C)
  • Long service life
  • Humidity compensation
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The MicroSENS 180-HS is an NDIR sensor for measuring 5 vol.-% CO2 in cell incubators. So our diffusion sensor is indispensable for controlling ideal cell and tissue growth. The sensor head is placed in the incubation chamber to measure the gas concentration in the cell culture environment. Based on IR absorption of the gas molecules the sensor determines the concentration of CO2.

Our CO2 gas sensor convinces with a high reliability and a long lifetime thanks to its specifically developed dual-beam IR method without drift and susceptibility to interference. Decontaminate the CO2 diffusion sensor in an easy, effective and reliable way by heat sterilization at typ. 180 °C. The sensor head is designed for sterilization cycles in the four-digit range. It complies with DIN EN ISO 20857:2013, offering the highest number of sterilisation cycles on the market. Minimize maintenance and follow-up costs. The heat sterilization with built-in sensor head eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. The MicroSENS 180-HS is the perfect choice for demanding cell cultivation applications.

The sensor is temperature and pressure compensated. It also features humidity compensation for best measurement results. Thanks to the digital and analogue interfaces, the sensor is easy to integrate. This enables simple communication with other components in the incubator. All MicroSENS sensors come with an identical feed-through for the incubator rear wall. So customers need less effort for integration and replacement.

Thanks to our 5-point calibration, the NDIR CO2 sensor has an improved linearity compared to most sensors on the market with 3-point calibration. Achieve more precise measurements not only in the usual range of 5 vol.-%, but across the entire measurement range.

We rely on specified core components and electronic modules from our own production. Our temperature-resistant components reduce the negative influence of high temperatures on the service life. Our materials are subject to the highest quality controls. This way we can ensure a long service life of the gas sensor and excellent delivery reliability.

Find all technical information in our data sheet. Benefit from precise and reliable measurement of CO2, easy handling and minimal maintenance costs.

Our standard version is available from stock. We also offer customised adaptations of the sensor head. Our experts will be happy to advise you on scale prices or individual requirements for your project.

Technical data

Measuring gas
  • CO2

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