Black silicon ir emitter, TO39 with cap

High-end IR radiator with real blackbody radiation for demanding gas analysis applications

  • true black body radiation behavior
  • long lifetime by thermal-mechanical adjusted membrane
  • spectral drift free
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High-end MEMS-based infrared emitter with black silicon emission layer for NDIR gas analysis in the long wave range for demanding medical and industrial applications. The MEMS IR emitter JSIR360 achieves highest frequencies and signal quality at low power consumption and small component size.

The infrared emitter measures the concentration of carbon dioxide and other respiratory gases in high temporal resolution. With highest radiation intensities over a wide infrared wavelength range, the IR emitter JSIR 360 (non-dispersive infrared sensor or NDIR sensor) provides reliable measurement results.

That’s relevant for various applications in respiratory gas analysis, such as capnography or anesthetic gas monitoring.

For gas analysis of long wavelength gases in medical and industrial applications, the JSIR 360 MEMS-based broadband infrared sources offer tremendous advantages: true blackbody radiation properties, long-term stability and long lifetime. Different backfill gases enables an optimized efficiency, useful for battery-powered applications.

By implementing a sophisticated micro-nanostructured silicon metal emission layer on a MEMS hotplate transmitter chip, Micro-Hybrid offers infrared sources with true blackbody radiation characteristics. The exceptionally high performance IR transmitter MEMS chips are defined by heating plate temperatures up to 700 °C in combination with a broadband spectral emission coefficient Ɛ close to 1. This enables highest radiation intensities over a wide infrared wavelength range. In addition to the high infrared output intensity, the focus of our successful development was on long-term stability.

JSIR 360 sources are available in different TO packages with cap or reflector as well as in SMD packages. Various backfill gases in hermetically sealed TO packages ensure highly efficient versions and lower power dissipation, e.g. for battery-powered applications. The MEMS chip used in our infrared emitters consists of a multilayer heating plate membrane containing a high-temperature stable metal heating layer and advanced silicon-metal micro-nano-structured surfaces. A final passivation layer guarantees long-term stability of the emission behavior at heating plate temperatures up to 700 °C. The emitter chip is based on a silicon substrate with a backside etched membrane. All thin film processes are performed with CMOS compatible materials.

Model JSIR360-4-AL-C-D5.8-0-0
Item number 6365.04-2.00
Seller Micro-Hybrid
Housing TO39
Add-on Cap
Window/filter No
Filling gas No
Active area [mm²] 2.2 x 2.2
Power consumption Normal
Gas to measure
  • CO2
  • H2O
  • NO
  • SF6
  • N2O
  • CO
  • SO2
  • -OH
  • HC
  • CH4