IR source, TO46 with reflector, filling gas Kr and filter A4

premium IR source with reflector and filter with transmission UV - 14 µm, optimized performance, active area 0.65x0.65

  • high modulation frequency
  • high radiation output
  • long lifetime
  • high efficiency due to low input power but same optical performance
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IR radiation source for NDIR gas analysis and other infrared measurement applications. The high-performance membrane of the MEMS IR emitters is made of nanoamorphous carbon and reaches membrane temperatures up to 850° C. It enables a high and long-term stable radiation performance. The combination of filling gases and optical filters optimizes the emission in the wavelength range from UV to 14 µm. The low required input power of the emitter also allows stand-alone and handheld applications.
The packaging variant cap is suitable for measuring distances from 2 cm.
Can be used with MTS thermopile sensors.

Model JSIR350-5-BL-R-D3.6-2-A4
Artikelnummer 6352.04-1.12
Verkäufer Micro-Hybrid
Housing TO46
Add-on Reflector
Window/filter Available
Filling gas Yes
Active area [mm²] 0.65 x 0.65
Power consumption Low