NDIR bundle CO2

Kit of matched infrared components for analysing carbon dioxide

  • JSIR350-4-AL-R-D6.0-0-0 and TS2x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-E1/D2
  • Fast availability
  • Immediate measurement results
  • Possibility of ordering smaller quantities
  • IR source and detector otpimized for CO2 wavelength range
  • All components for NDIR gas analysis from one supplier
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The NDIR bundle CO2 is a set of perfectly matching components for the gas analysis of carbon dioxide and offers research teams, institutes and laboratories the right solution for the demand of short term required IR components in small volumes.
Micro-Hybrid is combining a NAC-based IR emitter with reflector of the JSIR 350 series with the highly sensitive thermopile dual detector of the MTS 2 SENS series. The narrow band filter of the dual detector is optimized to absorb carbon dioxide and has an additional reference channel.
Designed for use in research projects in the fields of cell growth, plant cultivation or industrial gas measurement, our NDIR bundle CO2 provides developers with immediate results in gas analysis.

Model NDIR bundle CO2
Item number 6502.00-1.00
Seller Micro-Hybrid
Gas to measure
  • CO2