NDIR bundle emitter kit

Test set of emitters and a thermopile detector for the analysis of CO2

  • JSIR350-4-AL-R-D6.0-0-0
  • JSIR350-4-AL-R-D6.0-0-0
  • JSIR350-4-AL-C-D5.8-0-0
  • JSIR350-4-AL-R-D6.0-2-A4
  • TS2x200B-A-S1.5-1-N2-E1/D2
  • Short-term availabilityQuick measurement results
  • Option to order smaller quantities
  • IR-emitter and -detector matched optimally to measure CO2
  • All components for NDIR gas analysis from one provider
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  • Description

  • Technical data

The NDIR emitter kit made by Micro-Hybrid is a set of the most frequently used IR-emitters of the JSIR 350 series and a CO2 IR-detector of the MTS 200 series. With this set you get a possibility to order smaller quantities available at short notice and evaluate our products or test different combinations of components in your measurement system. This set may also help you to design your setup.
Our bundle can otherwise come into use for educational purposes on colleges and universities for electronic and measurement applications training or single use assemblies for bachelor or master theses. In Addition engineers may use it for testing different set ups and preseries products or prototypes.

Model NDIR bundle Emitter-Kit
Item number 6510.00-1.00
Seller Micro-Hybrid
Gas to measure
  • CO2