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NDIR evaluation kit basic

NDIR evaluation kit | 7206.04-5.51

All-in-one test kit for the evaluation of IR emitters and IR detectors

  • Ready to measure: evaluation of IR emitters and detectors in the shortest possible time
  • Plug and play: test kit with main unit, all interfaces, a cuvette and IR components for CO2
  • Ready to go immediately with NDIR bundles for e.g. N2O, NO, CO, hydrocarbons and alcoholic compounds
  • Software eNDIRi2-app for free
  • Video instructions for setting up the system

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The new eNDIRi² evaluation kit basic is a very easy and fast way to get started with NDIR gas analysis. Speed up your selection of the optimal infrared components for your measurement application.



With the eNDIRi² evaluation kit basic, thermopile or pyroelectric detectors can be tested and evaluated together with Micro-Hybrid's IR emitters. With the help of the software the operating parameters can be optimized for the user's application. The simple control of the IR emitter as well as the readout and monitoring of the output data of the detectors allow flexibility for testing and optimizing your own gas measurement system. The measuring cuvette included in the kit allows you to perform measurements in a very short time.

Our NDIR evaluation kit 2.0 basic can be used in many areas of infrared measurement, including

  • Gas analysis for industrial component evaluation,
  • Prototyping of gas detection systems,
  • Concept studies,
  • Laboratory and test setups,
  • Education and training,

The system for testing our IR emitters and IR detectors is optimized for the products from the series:

  • JSIR350-4 - TO39 NAC emitter
  • MTS2SENS - TO39 2-channel thermopile detector
  • MPS2SENS - TO39 pyroelectric 2-channel detector
  • MTS4SENS - TO39 4-channel thermopile detector
  • MPS4SENS - TO39 pyroelectric 4-channel detector



The eNDIRi² evaluation kit basic contains all the hardware you need for a test setup under laboratory conditions. The eNDIRi2-app software developed specifically for the eNDIRi² is available free of charge. Your NDIR evaluation kit 2.0 basic is ready to use immediately. You save valuable time in the project as you do not have to develop your own circuit or software for initial test measurements.

  1. Complete test kit with all interfaces for infrared components and necessary plug connections
  2. Four IR components (2 IR emitters, 1 thermopile detector, 1 pyroelectric detector)
  3. eNDIRi2-app software for evaluating and exporting test measurements and saving the configuration
  4. Component library for all standard IR components from Micro-Hybrid
  5. Configurable emitter interface with additional, external clock input
  6. Detector boards with adjustable gain
  7. Highly reflective cuvette
  8. All cables for PC connection and power supply
  9. User IO cable to connect custom clock source



The manual provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the entire system as well as installing and starting the software. Alternatively, you can follow the setup and start of the software in our video tutorial. All data sheets for the individual products can be easily found in our download area.


Together with the NDIR bundles, the eNDIRi² evaluation kit basic is the perfect combination for easy evaluation of IR measurement systems. All products are available from stock. Our sales team will be happy to advise you with product selection.

Technical data

Measuring gas
  • CO2
  • H2O
  • NO
  • SF6
  • N2O
  • CO
  • SO2
  • -OH
  • CH4
  • CXHY
  • Halothan
  • Desfluran
  • Isofluran
Applications Temperature measurement