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NDIR bundle industrial gases

NDIR bundle Thermopile | 6513.00-1.00

IR components for test installations to analyze industrial gases in one set

  • Available in a short time
  • Fast measurement results
  • No minimum order value
  • Combined measurement of CO2/ CO/ HC or H2O/ NO/ SO2 possible with quad detector.
  • Measurement of N2O, -OH, SF6 with dual detector.

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The NDIR bundle industrial gases consists of optimally matched thin-film infrared emitters and various IR thermopile detectors for gas analysis in industrial applications. The set includes ten components for commonly measured gases such as CO2, CO, hydrocarbons, nitrogen compounds and alcohols: four JSIR 350 series IR emitters in various TO packages and six matched thermopile IR detectors with two or four channels of the MTS 200 series.

In the development project, the NDIR bundle supports several goals: short-term delivery of IR components without minimum order, evaluation of components or testing of different components in the measurement system. Fast test results in development help to gain a decisive advantage on the way to market maturity of the series product. Micro-Hybrid is the only supplier worldwide to produce both IR components for gas analysis - practically and quickly available in one box.


The NDIR bundle industrial gases consists of:

  1. TS4x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-D2/E1/F1/G2 - Detector 3C low CO2
  2. TS4x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-D2/E2/F1/G2 - detector 3C high CO2
  3. TS4x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-I1/L1/H1/D5 - Detector NOX
  4. TS2x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-L1/D2 - detector N2O
  5. TS2x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-M1/D5 - detector -OH
  6. TS2x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-J1/D5 - detector SF6
  7. JSIR350-4-AL-R-D6.0-0-0 - IR source TO39 with reflector, open
  8. JSIR350-4-AL-R-D6.0-N2-A4 - IR source TO39 with reflector and filter BaF2
  9. JSIR350-4-AL-C-D5.8-0-0 - IR source TO39 with cap, open
  10. JSIR350-5-BL-R-D3.6-0-0 - IR source TO46 with reflector, open

Technical data

Measuring gas
  • CO2
  • H2O
  • NO
  • SF6
  • N2O
  • CO
  • SO2
  • -OH
  • CXHY
Applications Gas analysis
Bundle yes