Gyrosensor CoriSENS 110V20 zur Messung der Drehrate

CoriSENS 110V20

Single axis gyro sensor for measuring rotation rate and curve speed with measuring range of 20° / s and 110 V supply voltage

  • EN50155 compliance simplifies certification process
  • Integrated self-test function
  • Improvement of transport safety
  • Decrease in train accidents
  • Temperature compensation without active heating or cooling ensures constant optimum signal quality
  • Easy integration into onboard power supply of the train due to compatible power supply range
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CoriSENS is a rotation rate sensor for measuring angular velocity ω. It detects rotational movements using a MEMS gyroscope. This measuring signal in a range of ± 20° / s is converted by the sensor electronics and transmittes an analog current signal as well as voltage signal in addition. The sensor is certified according to uniform standards for electronic equipment on rail vehicles (DIN EN 50155) and can be operated directly with the usual onboard supply (110 V).

meta_description ✔ Verbesserung der Transportsicherheit ✔ Verringerung von Zugunfällen ✔Umgebungstemperaturkompensation ohne aktives Heizen oder Kühlen
Model CoriSENS 110V20
Artikelnummer 6401.05-1.51
Supply voltage 110
Sensitivity 100 mV/°/s & 0,4 mA/°/s
Measuring range [°/s] ± 20