MPS2SENS carbon monoxide

PS2x4C2-A-U-S1.5-2-F1/D2 | 4594.63-H.22

2 channel premium pyro detector to measure carbon monoxide

  • Highly sensitive & long-term stable
  • High detectivity: up to 4,0*108 cmHz1/2/W
  • High sensitivity: up to 200000 V/W
  • Gas to measure: CO (filter, CWL: 4650 ± 40 nm/ HBW: 180 ± 20 nm)
  • Applications: e.g. medical, industrial applications, process monitoring, environmental technology
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The dual channel pyrodetector is specially designed for the measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) using an optical filter with a CWL of 4650 ± 40 nm and a HBW of 180 ± 20 nm. Medical, industrial gas analysis and environmental technology are typical fields of application for the MPS2SENS carbon monoxide. The dual detector meets demanding needs at ambient temperatures ranging from -20 to 85 °C. It has a particularly high detectivity of up to 4.0*108 cmHz1/2/W and sensitivity of up to 200000 V/W. An additional reference channel (CWL: 3910 ± 28, HBW: 70 ± 10 nm) completes the product.

The detector is equipped with 2 chips with a thin film membrane made of ceramic-pyroelectric material as technological basis. The unique detector design of Micro-Hybrid enables the high read-out rate up to 100 Hz as well as the short response time and guarantees precise and fast measurement results for NDIR gas analysis.

Detailed technical information you can find in the datasheet. Customized adaptations are possible at any time. Our sales team will be happy to advise you on this, as well as on scale prices for a request in larger quantities.

Technical data

Applications Gas analysis
Measuring gas
  • CO
Package TO39
Aperture 1.5 x 1.5
Channels 2
Operating temperature [°C] -20 … +85