MPS2SENS nitrogen monoxide

PS2x4C2-A-U-S1.5-2-L1/D2 | 4594.63-H.62

2 channel premium pyro detector to measure nitrogen monoxide

  • Highly sensitive & long-term stable
  • High detectivity: up to 4,0*108 cmHz1/2/W
  • High sensitivity: up to 200000 V/W
  • Gas to measure: NO (filter, CWL: 5300 ± 30 nm/ HBW: 200 ± 20 nm)
  • Applications: e.g. aerospace, industrial, production and process engineering, environmental Technology, process monitoring
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The 2 channel premium pyrodetector is specially designed for the analysis of nitric oxide (NO). The optical filter with a CWL of 5300 ± 30 nm and a HBW of ± 20 nm as well as an additional reference channel (CWL: 3910 ± 28, HBW: 70 ± 10 nm) optimize the measurement results of the dual IR detector. Its main application lies in the measurement of process gases or exhaust gases in industrial production and process engineering. Storage and operation can take place between -20 and 85 °C.

The particularly high detectivity of up to 4.0*108 cmHz1/2/W as well as the very high sensitivity up to 200000 V/W provide an extraordinary signal quality in the sector of pyroelectric detectors. Two sensor chips with a thin film CPM membrane form the core of the dual detector MPS2SENS nitrogen monoxide. Thanks to the Ceramic Pyroelectrical Material (CPM) and the unique product design the detector features a high read-out rate up to 100 Hz as well as a short response time.

Please refer to the data sheet for detailed technical information. Customization services can be offered for this product as well as agreements on graduated Prices.

Technical data

Applications Gas analysis
Measuring gas
  • NO
Package TO39
Aperture 1.5 x 1.5
Channels 2
Operating temperature [°C] -20 … +85