MTS2SENS200 sulfur dioxide

TS2x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-H1/D5 | 4594.55-2.62

2 channel premium IR thermopile for measurement of sulfur dioxide

  • High sensitivity & long-term stable
  • High detectivity: up to 6.27*108 cmHz1/2/W when filled with krypton
  • High sensitivity: up to 171 V/W
  • Target gas: SO2 (filter, CWL: 7300 ± 50 nm / HBW: 180 ± 20 nm)
  • Applications: e.g. aerospace, medical, industrial/ raw materials and resources
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The MTS2SENS200 sulfur dioxide is tuned by its filter window for the analysis of sulfur dioxide (SO2) with a CWL of 7300 ± 50 nm and a HBW of 180 ± 20 nm. The signal strength of the detector is comparable to that of a pyro detector - high detectivity of up to 6.27*108 cmHz1/2/W and high sensitivity of up to 171 V/W with krypton as filling gas.

The dual-channel IR thermopile for NDIR gas analysis has 2 chips in the core, each with 200 BiSb/Sb thermopairs. The interference absorber, an integrated thermistor for reference temperature determination and the reference channel (CWL: 5060 ± 25, HBW: 100 ± 15 nm) are further important product features for long-term use in demanding applications. The MTS2SENS200 sulfur dioxide provides reliable measurement values in environments between -20 and 85 °C, e.g. for biotechnology or quality assurance.

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Technical data

Applications Gas analysis
Measuring gas
  • SO2
Sensitivity [V/W] 171
Package TO39
Aperture 1.5 x 1.5
Channels 2
Operating temperature [°C] -20 … +85
D* x [cm x Hz½/W] 6.27 x 108