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Sensors and electronics for medical technology

Sensors an electronics for medical technology

Sensors and electronics for medical technology are an essential part of medical devices. With our experience in the development and production of sensor solutions for medical technology, we offer the ideal solution for your measurement task.

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Breathing gas analysis

NDIR analysis of respiratory gases or anesthetic gases uses infrared technology to measure the concentration of e.g. carbon dioxide in the exhaled air of patients. Capnometry, a method frequently used for this purpose, is used to monitor ventilation and the respiratory system, assess CO2 production, evaluate CO2 reabsorption, and assess circulatory CO2 transport. Carbon dioxide is one of the most common NDIR gas analysis applications in the medical field, along with anesthetic gases. Our highly reliable gas sensors, IR emitters and IR detectors provide the measured values for this in anesthesia and ventilation equipment.

Anesthesia - Anesthesia & ventilation during surgery

Anesthesiologist in the operating room
Real-time measurements are the basis for the anesthesiologist's correct interventions during surgery.

Gas analysis during anesthesia

During intraoperative ventilation, low-flow anesthesia and lung protective ventilation strategies enable precise control of general anesthesia. The concentrations of the respiratory gases O2 and CO2 are the most important vital parameters for this. The precise real-time indication of these values is absolutely essential for the anesthesiologist to take the right measures and decisions for a successful operation. Similarly, anesthetic gases such as isoflurane, halothane, sevoflurane and others are measured in the anesthesia machine by means of NDIR gas analysis, thus ensuring that anesthesia is targeted and efficient.


Ventilators in intensive care therapy provide artificial ventilation that is gentle on the lungs

Patient Monitoring

Monitoring ventilation during intensive care therapy is one of the most important components of medical treatment to increase patients' chances of success and prevent lung damage.

Respiratory gas diagnostics

Carbon dioxide in exhaled air is one of the most important parameters for many diagnostic applications.

Spirometry etc.

Spirometry is used for performance diagnostics of patients, athletes and patients in rehabilitation. The CO2 content in the respiratory air is analyzed with the help of infrared sensors in order to make statements about metabolic processes.  Meanwhile, the analysis of carbon dioxide in exhaled air is also used in fertility monitoring to track the fertile days in the female cycle.

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Respiratory monitoring

To increase the survival chances of premature infants, incubators provide intensive and constant monitoring during the first weeks of life. This requires highly sensitive technology and electronics. The little patients pose great challenges for medical technology, because the brain, lungs and eyes in particular are still extremely vulnerable. Continuous and reliable monitoring of vital signs, especially respiration, and absolute hygiene in the incubator are important for the success of neonatal treatment. Micro-Hybrid offers highly reliable IR components and gas sensors for the analysis of CO2 and other respiratory gases for this purpose.


Inkubator für Frühgeborene
Anesthesiologist in the operating room using the surveillance monitor

Disinfection with UV-C LEDs

The disinfection of incubators is of particular importance, as there is an increased risk of infection by environmental germs, especially in very small premature infants, due to the immaturity of their organ systems and the still lacking immune defense. In the BMBF-funded research project NeoUVDes", a new approach to disinfection using UVC-LED generated radiation will now be tested and transferred to an application.

Read more about "NeoUVDes"


3-DScan methods, live position monitoring, monitoring of temperature , force and other paramaters - state-of-the-art technology in the OR can do more through infrared technology, such as sensors and IR emitters for temperature measurement, the integration of LEDs into surgical tools and medical devices and displays or sophisticated electronic microsystems. Micro-Hybrid has a wide range of experience in implementing product solutions for use in surgery.

Successful application examples

  • LED Package in TO Base for LED based positioning of surgical tools in minimally invasive procedures
  • Infrared sensors for monitoring the temperature of surgical tools, such as bone cutters, etc.
  • Measurement of the force exerted by the spatula when spreading the surgical site to prevent damage to sensitive tissues.


Sound and reliable diagnostics is the step to successful treatment and selection of the right therapy. The development of powerful and reliable devices and technologies for determining and securing diagnoses places high demands on electronic components.  The most common technical diagnostics include imaging procedures such as microscopy, computer tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), endoscopy, laboratory analyses and respiratory diagnostics.

Successful application examples

  • Packaging of optical sensors for endoscopes
  • Electronic microsystems for controlling the optics of high-resolution electronic microscopes

Medical applications and measurement tasks

Medical technology for respiratory gas analysis in the medical hall
  • Ventilation and anesthesia monitoring
  • Patient monitoring
  • Diagnostics and imaging
  • Dialysis
  • and others

With our deep value chain and perfect engineering know-how we develop individual and efficient product solutions.

Competence in sensors and electronics for medical applications

According to the requirements of our customers we develop and produce tailor-made solutions for sensors and measurement modules. We can modify standard products, develop individual sensors from scratch or design integrated electronic systems with multiple components.

Our electronic systems and sensors for measuring pressure, flow, level and position meet the highest quality standards. Infrared components and sensors for gas analysis of CO2, CO or anesthetic gases offer highest performance and stability.