Several circuits of the company Micro-Sensor available for small series production

Production in small series

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Convenient solution for the demand of small volumes offered by Micro-Sensor.

Within an average 30 years’ service life of a piece of rolling stock safety requirements for rail traffic are changing. Operators must upgrade their fleets with latest sensor technology to ensure safety standards. For this so-called retrofit, often only a small number of sensors is required.

Micro-Sensor offers a convenient solution for this case and also for prototype construction or field tests. They deliver acceleration and rotation rate sensors in small series starting, e.g. 50 pieces. Micro-Sensor also develops reliable and durable sensor solutions for OEM projects with small quantities and act as your international expert in railway applications. With more than 20 years of experience and established technologies, Micro-Sensor is a specialist for inertial sensors in the regular service and develops sensors to be used in applications in harsh environments like heat, sand and a lot more.

The production processes allow manufacturing of even small series. The sensors are produced modularly and adapt all necessary steps to the individual customer requirements. This decisive advantage is enabled by the deep value chain (PCB assembly, packaging, calibration) and the broad technological expertise in the corporate group of Micro-Hybrid and Micro-Epsilon.

The team of Micro-Sensor will find the most appropriate configuration of an inertial sensor for you too. Request your specific measurement solution:

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