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Gas sensor on white backround

Customization options for NDIR gas sensors

OEM expertise at all stages of product development


The development of OEM modules for gas analysis requires extensive experience, modern technologies and electronics engineering at the highest level. In detail, a close and good coordination of a multitude of parameters regarding sample gas, measuring range and operating conditions is essential. Our application experts advise from the idea to the delivery of the finished series product.

For the measurement of infrared active gases in industrial environments and many other industries, Micro-Hybrid offers two NDIR sensor platforms that can be customized as OEM designs: MicroSENS diffusion sensors and MicroFLOW flow sensors.

Especially designed for the measurement of CO2 in cell incubators are the sensors of the MicroSENS series.  They are specially adapted to the requirements in an incubator with regard to their sterilization conditions (steam sterilization, heat sterilization up to 190°C) and provide long-term stable and reliable measurement results.

For gas analysis in industrial applications such as MicroFLOW gas sensors are used for various applications. For example, for methane gas measurement down to the lower explosion limit.

Micro-Hybrid is specialized in solving individual measurement tasks in gas analysis.  Through intensive communication in the consulting and development phase, we develop an optimal and reliable implementation together with our OEM customers. Every detail is planned in such a way that the desired sensor delivers long-term stable and accurate measurement results in use.

Only Micro-Hybrid has been developing all key components for this purpose in-house and manufacturing them in high volume for more than 25 years. This ensures favorable procurement conditions and flexibly scalable production volumes. Perfectly matched IR components ensure optimum product performance and easy realization of customer-specific adaptation requirements. The result is sensors that perform their measuring tasks permanently and reliably with minimal service effort.

NDIR Gas sensor on white backround
the mechanical design of a gas sensor head can be modified to meet specific applications

Our extensive portfolio of MEMS-based IR emitters as well as IR detectors is available for any measurement task:

  • JSIR Emitter
  • MPS Pyroelectric and MTS Thermopile IR detectors with application specific with the necessary number of selective channels and with gas specific infrared filters.
  • optimal performance by filling with different inert gases and hermetically sealed one

Measured values are output as digital (RS485, others on request) as well as analog values. By integrated microcontrollers a multiplicity of compensation and calculation possibilities, like e.g. a pressure and temperature compensation, the calculation of the humidity as well as of further factors, which can affect the measuring result, takes place.

The calibration incl. certificate is done directly at Micro-Hybrid inhouse during the production and maintenance of the gas sensors.

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