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Measuring and controlling process temperatures

IR detectors for temperature monitoring and process control in industrial applications

Infrared sensor-based temperature monitoring ensures a required high quality level in production lines and manufacturing processes. infrared detectors for temperature sensors and thermal imaging cameras serve here as reliable, cost-efficient and stable measurement transducers.

However, measuring and monitoring product and process temperature in many industrial applications also involves challenging, physical environmental conditions that affect the product reliability of corresponding devices.

Infrared sensor requirements include high ambient temperatures, humidity, gases, but also economic efficiency. MTS Thermopile detectors from Micro-Hybrid cover these needs.


Infrared thermometers, pyrometers and thermal imagers are used in numerous industries to control material quality and to detect weak spots and defects at an early stage. For example, they detect hotspots, coldspots and avoid expensive plant shutdowns.

  • Automotive industry
  • Production of medical technology products
  • Glass industry
  • Maintenance & servicing - preventive maintenance Maintenance work on electrical and mechanical systems or in air-conditioning technology
  • Solar and semiconductor industry
  • Recycling
  • Plastics processing Injection molding, PET bottle production, thermoforming of films
  • Metal industry - continuous monitoring of metal temperature in rolling mills, induction hardening or die molding

MTS TEMP - 1channel thermopile detectors for non-contact temperature measurement


For use in demanding temperature measurement applications in industry at ambient temperatures between -20 and 85 °C, such as temperature monitoring of melting processes in the glass and plastics industry or temperature monitoring of engines and brakes in the automotive sector.

MTS 1 Hightemp

However, for temperature monitoring of thermally indexed process parameters, such as in the metal industry or testing of maintenance-relevant properties in the solar semiconductor industry, different, harsher ambient conditions prevail. From temperatures above 80 °C, bonded filters are damaged. For use in extended temperature ranges, the MTS1hightemp80 offers the solution through special packaging technology. The soldered filter withstands ambient temperatures up to 180 °C and guarantees reliable measurement results. An intrinsic temperature monitoring compensates external temperature influences.

Micro-Hybrid provides reliable infrared product solutions for manufacturers of non-contact temperature measurement devices and sensors.

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