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Train departs from station

Micro-Sensor at the most important mobility trade fair in 2022 - InnoTrans

Sensor solutions for the rail industry

The future of mobility lies in intelligent sensor solutions for traffic and transport on roads and rails!

In a comparison of the specific greenhouse gas emissions of individual modes of transport in freight traffic per tonne kilometer, rail already performed best against trucks, inland waterway vessels and aircraft in 2010. (Source UBA 2012, p.15) In order to be able to promote the urgently needed further shift of freight and passenger transport to rail, rail manufacturers must equip trains and wagons with reliable sensor technology.

These innovations can be seen at the world's leading trade fair for transport technology, which takes place every two years in Berlin - InnoTrans. At this year's trade fair, we are focusing on the railway technology sensor solutions from Micro-Sensor for:

▪️ Acceleration

▪️ Curve detection

▪️ Vibration

AccTRANS acceleration sensors
AccTRANS acceleration sensors

Our AccTRANS acceleration sensors measure oscillations and vibrations directly at the bogie of rail vehicles and monitor the instability there with high reliability. Hazards and damage caused by critical accelerations can thus be detected at an early stage and derailments prevented. Our single-axis acceleration sensor is based on MEMS technology. It converts the detected dynamic acceleration into an analog current signal.

Advantages of the AccTRANS accelerometer:

  • Measurement of acceleration transverse to the direction of travel

  • Mounting directly on the bogie for sufficiently strong coupling with the mechanical components of the train

  • Reliable measured values as a data basis for evaluation systems and railroad automation
CoriSENS gyrosensors
CoriSENS gyrosensors

Our CoriSENS gyrosensors are used in driving assistance systems and offer an effective way of detecting travel through curves. This involves measuring the angular velocity of a train car's rotation around its vertical axis. As soon as the last wagon has reached the exit of the curve, the train driver can be given an appropriate signal and accelerate again without danger.

Advantages of the CoriSENS turn rate sensor:

  • Reduced workload for the train driver thanks to an effective driving assistance system
  • Increased efficiency when training new train drivers

  • Improvement of traffic safety, reduction of accidents

Our AccTRANS and CoriSENS sensors are designed in accordance with DIN EN 50155 directly for operation in the on-board network of rail vehicles and promise a long service life.

You are also on site? Then arrange an appointment with us at InnoTrans! We are looking forward to meeting you.

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