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Turning inquiries into products

How do customers and electronics manufacturers reach their common goal, even in the current global situation?

In the beginning was the project - the development project. In the design and development of new machines, devices and systems, countless specifications are the determinants of the project's success.

Especially for the realization of the electronic circuits, reliable partners are desired. Andy Wahl, Key Account Manager Advanced Electronic Modules explains what is important in the joint dialog on the way to a customer-specific electronic solution.

"We develop and produce customer-specific electronics solutions" - this phrase suggests that such a customer-specific solution is a harmonious, creative process that results in a satisfactory solution - in other words, a problem solution. However, in reality, in the everyday life of project managers and development engineers, this process often turns out to be very challenging. Project deadlines and budgets must be met; above all, technical challenges must be mastered and, in the final step, reliable manufacturing of the product solution must be ensured.

"The first examination of a customer issue relates first to the technical implementation - Manufacturing processes must be established in addition to the development of the product. Therefore, it is very important for us to systematically check every project request. To proceed according to plan right from the start and to communicate openly with each other. For us, these are the cornerstones of cooperation," explains Andy Wahl, an experienced key account manager who accompanies successful customer projects. "The customer must be able to trust us. In doing so, we communicate with each other at eye level. I am always the contact person during all steps and phases of the development of an electronic microsystem."

Colored representation of the process steps to the individual electronics solution

Structured stage gate processes provide a systematic basis in the development process for electronic circuits and sensors. Thus, after the initial review of a new request or even in the case of changes to specifications, solution approaches and time schedules are discussed in consultation with our customer. After feasibility studies and a development phase, the first prototypes and process samples are created. Step by step, together with the customer, we approach the ideal solution for the implementation of electronics that meet the requirements of the application 100% and thus support the product, or device development of our customers. The variety of technological possibilities offered by Micro-Hybrid represents an absolute added value for our customers.

However, the current global situation regarding material availability is no small challenge at the moment. Unstable supply chains make planning a roller coaster ride for all companies in it. "That's where you have to be honest with each other from day 1 of the joint project and also talk openly sometimes about the limits of what is feasible. However, with realistic and well-planned buffer times for material procurement, we reach our goal and the customer has greater planning security. For this, it is also necessary to report requirements at an early stage." Andy Wahl advocates openness and trust in communication. That counts more than ever today. "We need to work closely with our customers and will continue to do our best in terms of advanced solutions - from development, to procurement, to production."

Contact person

Picture of Andy Wahl- Key Account Manager


Andy Wahl

Key Account Manager

+49 36601 592 133


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