IR detectors

Thermal IR detectors

The thermo-electric IR detectors of the MTS series (Micro-Hybrid Thermopile Sensors) are characterized by a particularly high detectivity and longevity.

They are suitable for non-contact temperature measurement as well as for NDIR gas analysis. IR thermopiles, also known as thermopiles, detect broadband IR radiation. The basis of each detector is formed by the so-called thermocouple. Thermal diffusion currents of two different metals (Seebeck effect) generate an electrical voltage which is transmitted and processed as a measurement signal. The sensitivity of the detector significantly influences the quality of the measurement result.

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High detectivity

worldwide best detectivity up to 7.2 x 108 cmHz1/2/W

High sensitivity

up to 295 V/W

Long lifetime

reliability due to high stability of the membrane


We are specialists for customer-specific adaptations based on our standard products. We can optimally combine filters, packaging and other parameters for you.

MTS Thermopile Detectors product overview

High temperature thermopile

Temperature monitoring of machines and processes at high ambient temperatures is a real challenge. Our high-temperature thermopile detectors are suitable for special requirements such as high temperatures in industrial applications.


  • Ambient conditions up to 190 °C
  • Soldered filter (optional)
  • High sensitivity
  • Resistant to environmental influences
  • Also suitable for chemical processes

Structure and variants of MTS thermopile detectors

MTS highly sensitive thermopile detectors are available in TO46 and TO39 as single, dual or four channel detectors. We offer single channel detectors with 80 thermocouples for IR temperature measurement and with 200 thermocouples for gas analysis. By adapting our IR sensors with different optical filters we offer individual product solutions for thermometry, non-contact measurement or gas monitoring (two narrowband windows, two-channel output).

Applications thermal IR detectors

Thermal IR detectors are used in many applications in industry, research and science, including gas measurement, spectrometry, temperature measurement and monitoring, and pyrometry. Since temperatures and gas concentrations are among the most important process parameters, their reliable detection is an elementary component for monitoring and ensuring determined processes.

IR temperature measurement

Pyrometer for non-contact measurement of temperature

NDIR gas analysis

NDIR gas analysis of exhaust gases in industrial plants

IR spectrometry with the thermopile line array TPL 64

The 64-pixel thermopile array detects infrared radiation and converts it into an analog voltage signal. Important parameters such as high sensitivity and specific detectivity of each pixel are peak values compared to other similar products on the market. The excellent spectral range of sensitivity from 2 - 16 μm allows varios applications in spectrometry for the analysis of gases and liquids.


  • Broadband window 2 - 16 μm
  • Sensitivity up to 155 V/W
  • High-precision housing for optical adjustment
  • Low crosstalk between pixels depending on inert gas / vacuum
  • Detectivity typ. 1.08 - 109 cmHz1/2/W; air without window, blackbody T500 KE = 38 W/m2; at Tamb = 25 ºC; filling gas Xenon, assumed window transmission