IR source, TO39 with cap, open

premium IR source with cap and high modulation frequency

  • high modulation frequency
  • high radiation output
  • long lifetime
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IR radiation source for NDIR gas analysis and other infrared measurement applications. The high-performance membrane of the MEMS IR emitters consists of nanoamorphous carbon and reaches membrane temperatures up to 850° C. It enables a high and long-term stable radiation performance. The packaging version with cap is suitable for measuring distances up to 2cm.

Model JSIR350-4-AL-C-D5.8-0-0
Item number 6355.04-2.00
Seller Micro-Hybrid
Housing TO39
Add-on Cap
Window/filter No
Filling gas No
Active area [mm²] 2.2 x 2.2
Power consumption Normal
Spectral output [µm] Typ. 1 … 20
Temperature coefficient Typ. 500
Time constant [ms] Typ. 17
Nominal power [W] 0,65