MPS2SENS nitrous oxide

PS2x4C2-A-U-S1.5-2-K1/D2 | 4594.63-H.52

2 channel premium pyro detector to measure nitrous oxide

  • Highly sensitive & long-term stable
  • High detectivity: up to 4.0*108 cmHz1/2/W
  • High sensitivity: up to 200000 V/W
  • Gas to measure: N2O (filter, CWL: 4525 ± 20 nm/ HBW: 83 ± 6 nm)
  • Applications: e.g. aerospace, medical, industrial, production and process engineering
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The premium dual-channel pyrodetector meets the most demanding measurement applications for the analysis of N2O (nitrous oxide) in environments from -20 to 85 °C. It achieves an especially high detectivity of up to 4.0*108 cmHz1/2/W and sensitivity of up to 200000 V/W. The infrared filter with a CWL of 4525 ± 20 nm and a HBW of 83 ± 6 nm and an additional reference channel (CWL: 3910 ± 28, HBW: 70 ± 10 nm) match the optical characteristics of the target gas exactly. NDIR gas analysis in aerospace, industrial process and exhaust gas measurement or anesthetic gas monitoring in medical are typical application fields for the MPS2SENS nitrous oxide.

The pyroelectric detector shows less sensitivity to external influences through internal signal amplification. Likewise, temperature fluctuations have only a minor influence due to the low thermal mass of the membrane.
The special Micro-Hybrid product design allows a higher read-out rate up to 100 Hz and short response times of the dual detector. The MPS2SENS nitrous oxide is built on 2 chips with a ceramic pyroelectric thin film membrane in the core.

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Technical data

Applications Gas analysis
Measuring gas
  • N2O
Package TO39
Aperture 1.5 x 1.5
Channels 2
Operating temperature [°C] -20 … +85