MTS2SENS200 nitrous oxide

TS2x200B-A-S1.5-1-Kr-K1/D2 | 4594.50-2.C2

2 channel premium IR thermopile detector for nitrous oxide measurement

  • High sensitivity & long-term stability
  • High detectivity: up to 6.27*108 cmHz1/2/W with krypton filling
  • High sensitivity: up to 171 V/W
  • Target gas: N2O (filter, CWL: 4525 ± 20 nm / HBW: 83 ± 6 nm)
  • Applications: e.g. aerospace, medical, industrial / production and process engineering
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The premium dual channel thermopile has been specifically designed for demanding measurement applications for the analysis of N2O (nitrous oxide) in environments from -20 to 85 °C. It achieves an exceptionally high detectivity of up to 6.27*108 cmHz1/2/W and a sensitivity of up to 171 V/W. This signal quality is comparable to pyroelectric detectors. The infrared filter with a CWL of 4525 ± 20 nm and a HBW of 83 ± 6 nm is precisely matched to the optical characteristics of the target gas. Medical technology, especially patient and anesthetic gas monitoring, are typical application fields for the MTS2SENS200 nitrous oxide.

The integrated thermistor for reference temperature determination and an additional reference channel (CWL: 3910 ± 28, HBW: 70 ± 10 nm) complete the detector. The dual detector MTS2SENS200 nitrous oxide is based in the core on 2 chips with 200 bismuth-antimony/antimony thermocouples each. Thermal diffusion currents between the different metals generate the measurement signal by the resulting electrical voltage (Seebeck effect).

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Technical data

Applications Gas analysis
Measuring gas
  • N2O
Sensitivity [V/W] 171
Package TO39
Aperture 1.5 x 1.5
Channels 2
Operating temperature [°C] -20 … +85
D* x [cm x Hz½/W] 6.27 x 108