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OEM development

As a provider of individual solutions, we offer our customers complete development from the concept through prototype development to production readiness. Our focus is on optimizing product performance for significant competitive advantages for our customers.

As part of our application consulting, we work with you to find the optimal combination of technological possibilities to realize the ideal product. In this way, we can also implement projects that cannot be realized with conventional manufacturing standards and methods alone. Even for measurement tasks in difficult process environments, we find a solution by combining the appropriate assembly and connection technologies.

Our developer team is ready for your project.

Joint development with the highest standards

Your entry is possible at individually different stages of the development process: Whether idea, concept or development phase. We synergetically combine your knowledge of product requirements with our technological expertise in electronic and mechanical design, software development, optics, microelectronics packaging as well as simulations and tests.

Employee Patrick Sachse at the microscope

In order to achieve your desired goal, we also rely on the adaptation and further development of existing technologies and processes within the scope of our process development. Collaborative and cooperative projects with renowned universities and institutes regularly provide us with new impulses to expand our portfolio. A strong team of engineers, technologists and developers is waiting for your challenge.

Product development

  • Mechanical 3D design and construction
  • Analog and digital electronics hardware design and simulation, flow and thermal simulation
  • Microcontroller and PC based software design and simulation
  • Measuring systems for optical properties and calibration
  • Statistical evaluation of all measurement results
  • Customized enclosures and packaging
  • Layout for PCB, thick film and LTCC circuits
Micro system CAD
Micro system CAD

Technology development

  • Ceramic board technologies: Development of new material systems and combinations for thick film, LTCC, AlN, tape on substrate, SiC, isolated metal support, thick film on metal;
  • Assembly and soldering processes and technologies
  • Chip on board
  • Hermetic sealing technologies
HermeSEAL Technology invented by Micro-Hybrid
HermeSEAL® is the result of a successful development cooperation between Micro-Hybrid and Jenoptik

Tests and Analyses

Tests and measurements

Laboratory and Analytics

Pyrometers and infrared cameras Metallographic analyses
FTIR spectrometer with external input for IR emitters Environmental audits
Rapid temperature change - Thermocycling
Calibration of blackbody up to 1200 °C High and low temperature storage (+300 °C; -70 °C)
Calibration systems for gas measurement
Measuring instruments for electrical engineering
High humidity storage
Characterization and calibration Mechanical oscillations and accelerations
Surface and 3D analysis Rapid prototyping of electronic and mechanical development samples
Geometric measurement / testing Development of customer-specific optical and electrical testing devices
AOI tests, optical measurements Strength tests (shearing, drawing, peeling, peeling,...)
He-leak test for hermetically sealed components Microsystem / Quality / Climate tests
Burn-in test