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SMD Assembly

In addition to THT assembly, printed circuit boards are assembled with SMD components from component size 01005 inch.

Due to a higher component density, SMD assembly allows greater miniaturization of circuits and assemblies. Furthermore Pick & Place processes, the increase of the manufacturing quality by automatically printed circuit board assembly as well as the elimination of contamination contribute to cost savings.

Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the assembly and packaging options at Micro-Hybrid.

Automatic assembly processes

Our automated assembly lines enable fast, accurate and controlled assembly processes. The SMD components (Surface-Mounted Device) are mechanically placed in the previously applied solder paste. In the subsequent reflow soldering process, the components are mechanically fastened and electrically contacted. We work together with well-known machine manufacturers, who stand for a constant advancement of the processes. (Yamaha, SMT, Göpel, MyData, Uniclean, Kolb, etc.) Our procedures and processes are constantly optimized.

SMD devices
  • Precise and variable dispensing with Jet Printer
  • Fast, accurate and controlled assembly processes
  • Reflow soldering processes with variable soldering programs; possible variation of parameters: oxygen content / nitrogen content / with and without vacuum, time and temperature, etc.
  • Inspection of all circuits using 2D and 3D AOI technology

SMD Technologies and Competencies

At two production sites, we manufacture series and quantities from 1 from samples to prototypes to small series and large series. We use different soldering techniques such as reflow soldering, vapor phase soldering or vacuum SMT soldering. In addition to SMT (surface-mounting technology) surface mounting, we also offer SMD assembly with adhesive. We use various lead-free solder pastes.


  • Smallest machinable component: 01005 inch
  • Further components: SOIC, SOT, SOD, TSOP, MELF, CSP, QFP, BGA etc.
  • Assembly capacity: up to 90,000 BE per hour
  • Assembly time: board assembled on both sides with 825 BE (0201 to FBGA484) in 265 seconds
  • Optical 3D inspection of height and position in µm range
SMD reel tape

Component cleaning

An important process step in quality assurance is the cleaning of components and circuit carriers during or after assembly. Our automated cleaning process takes place via a multi-chamber cleaning system. Variable cleaning programs (variation of parameters: Time, temperature, with and without ultrasonic cleaning) enable optimal results.

SMD components
  • Use of a contaminometer (checking particle contamination and degree of pollution)
  • Delicate washing for sensitive components and printed circuit boards by means of Neukum and ISO - washing
  • Cooperation and advice from the world's leading supplier of precision cleaning in electronics manufacturing

Process control - measuring and testing technology

The functionality is tested and guaranteed by our trained and qualified personnel and by our engineers in the field of measurement technology. We are able to respond to customer requests and design suitable test adapters with our team and check the functionality with software.

  • General data acquisition, storage and analysis of selected parameters
  • Determination of measured variables such as R (resistance [Ω]), L (inductance [H]), C (capacitance), (DC voltage), (DC current), (AC voltage), (AC current) or temporal signals
  • Performance of function test (FCT), In-circuit test (ICT), sensor test, Boundary Scan, high voltage test and memory programming
  • Automated test sequences
Measuring and testing equipment