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Welcome to Micro-Hybrid Electronics, the IR application center in Tucson AZ

Manufacturing at Micro-Hybrid in Tucson is focused on infrared emitters, enabling components for spectroscopic sensors used for infrared gas analysis. Our application team, located at Arizona Tech Park, is on site for project partners and customers.

Product solutions for NDIR gas analysis

We provide technical support and application consulting for infrared measurement projects in various markets and industries. Our customers benefit from our unique product range. High-quality IR sources, thermoelectric detectors, and pyroelectric detectors from one supplier.

MEMS fab for a new generation of Infrared emitters

In our MEMS fab we are producing high quality IR emitter chips with best performance. These IR chips are key components for manufacturing high-performance IR emitter components in the Micro-Hybrid Electronic Assembly Hub in Germany.


Empowering Emerging Markets in CO2, CO, and CH4 Detection

This large emerging market includes carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors for demand-control-ventilation, cabin environmental control, bio engineering and medical applications like breath analysis. Sensors are also likely to be mandated for IR active gases like carbon monoxide (CO) or methane (CH4). Infrared sensors are also extensively used in medicine for patient monitoring including capnography. For other target gases please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • High Emissivity due to high membrane temperatures - good spectral emission
  • Increased service life through the reduction of oxidation processes
  • Backfilling with different gases for variation of radiation power and time constant
  • High safety for explosion-protected applications
  • Ideal for battery or stand-alone low power applications

Individual packaging

  • TO or SMD housing
  • Optical filters
  • HermeSEAL packaging for harsh environments
  • Backfill gases for more efficency

Technology in detail:
NDIR Sensors, IR Emitters and IR Detectors

How do NDIR sensors work?

Micro-Hybrid NDIR detectors use filters directly integrated into the housings. This approach enables multi-channel technology: a reference signal and up to three individual gas concentrations can be measured simultaneously with a single detector, without any moving parts.
But what exactly are NDIR sensors?

Optical gas sensing technology is based on the absorption of characteristic wavelengths in the light spectrum by molecules of the gases of interest. This effect can be described by the Beer-Lambert law and is (for constant geometry and suitable concentrations) dependent on gas concentration, and the gas-specific absorptivity. Many relevant gases have suitable absorption bands in the infrared (IR) part of the light spectrum, gas sensors thus usually consist mainly of a combination of IR detectors with IR light sources. Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensors do not use the entire available IR spectrum, but rather only specific wavelengths. These gas-specific wavelengths can be selected either by using a narrow-band IR light source (for example LED), or by installing narrow-band-pass filters in front of either the light source or the detector.

The key role of IR emitters in diverse applications across industries

Infrared (IR) emitters are used in a multitude of applications in a wide variety of fields. This can be in gas sensors - in combination with IR detectors, or directly as light sources for illumination or signaling. IR emitters key components in a number of gas sensing technologies in industries like Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Health and Mining, in A/C applications, Electrical power transmission and General process and plant control. They also serve as light sources in military applications. Micro Hybrid provides stock and custom IR emitters that also perform well in harsh environments, if required.

Micro Hybrid manufactures infrared (IR) emitters in numerous stock and custom variants. They are energy efficient, durable and long-term stable, can be operated in continuous or pulsed mode and perform well in harsh environments.
Infrared (IR) emitters are used in a multitude of applications in a wide variety of fields, for example in gas sensors - in combination with IR detectors, or directly as light sources for illumination or signaling. IR emitters are key components in a number of gas sensing technologies in industries like Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Medical/Health and Mining, in A/C & ventilation applications, Electrical power transmission and General process and Plant control. They also serve as light sources and signaling devices in military applications.

IR detectors: accurate sensing for high-demanding applications

At Micro Hybrid, our cutting-edge infrared sensors and detectors open doors to a multitude of real-world applications, contributing to enhanced functionality and safety in various industries. Here are some compelling examples:

Security – Our infrared sensors excel in movement and motion detection, making them essential for security systems. They play a crucial role in fire alarms and smoke detectors, ensuring early and accurate fire detection. In military contexts, our sensors are integrated into advanced weapons and equipment for precise targeting and threat detection.

Industrial– Our sensors are at the heart of measurement tools, counters, and motor encoders, providing precise data for industrial automation and automotive systems.

Medical – In the medical field, our infrared sensors are used for blood, oxygen, and temperature measurements, enabling healthcare professionals to monitor and care for patients effectively.
Micro Hybrid Electronic, Inc. is at the forefront of infrared sensor technology, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Explore our infrared sensors and discover their versatility and reliability in transforming your industry.


Our Mission: electronic solutions for a better world.

Sensors and electronic components are the building blocks of technological progress. Micro-Hybrid's electronic solutions help our customers create machines, equipment, and technical applications that advance global society. This requires overcoming challenges and discovering innovative solutions to ensure electronic functionalities are precise, stable, and efficient.

We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards, always striving for excellence. Our company designs and creates microelectronics and sensor technology to cater to global businesses that produce devices, systems and technologies for medicine, industrial, safety, agriculture, communication and mobility. We are fueled by innovation and love to create the better for and with our customers.

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IR sources, Thermopile & Pyro detectors, NDIR gas sensors,
Tools for evaluation and testing

NDIR gas measurement applications


NDIR gas detectors from Micro Hybrid are indispensable in industry, ensuring safety and efficiency by safeguarding against potentially hazardous gas leaks.


Gas Leak Detection: NDIR detectors swiftly identify gas leaks in chemical plants, safeguarding workers and facilities.

Emissions Control: Industries use NDIR to monitor emissions, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and reducing their carbon footprint.

Indoor Air Quality: In offices and factories, NDIR detectors maintain healthy indoor air quality, preventing discomfort and health issues.


Calibration: Precise calibration is crucial to maintain accuracy.

Cross-sensitivity: Detectors may respond to multiple gases, requiring advanced algorithms.

Hazardous Environments: Safety standards and maintenance are vital when deploying NDIR sensors in hazardous areas.

Our NDIR solutions tackle these challenges, offering reliability and peace of mind for industrial applications. How can we help you protect your workplace?


NDIR gas detectors play a pivotal role in healthcare. Patient monitoring, anesthesia, and diagnostic breath analysis are among the key applications of CO2 measurement.


Respiratory Monitoring: Accurately assessing exhaled CO2 levels during anesthesia or in ventilated patients.

Anesthesia Control: Maintaining precise gas concentrations during surgery.

Incubator Environments: Ensuring ideal conditions for premature babies in incubators.


Precision: Achieving the utmost accuracy in critical medical scenarios.

Calibration: Determining the optimal frequency for sensor calibration to ensure reliable measurements.

Infection Control: Ensuring detectors remain contamination-free in clinical settings.

Our NDIR technology at Micro Hybrid Electronic, Inc. help tackle these challenges, contributing to safer healthcare practices and advanced diagnostics. How can we enhance your healthcare solutions?


NDIR gas detectors are essential tools for safety, both in industrial settings and at home. The detection of relevant gases ensures peace of mind for everyone.


Industrial Safety: Detecting hazardous gas leaks in factories, preventing accidents.

Indoor Air Quality: Ensuring healthy and safe environments in our homes and workplaces by monitoring harmful gases like CO2.

Fire Prevention: Identifying gas leaks early to reduce fire risks.


Accuracy: Maintaining precise gas measurements for early detection.

Integration: Seamlessly fitting detectors into diverse settings, from industrial complexes to homes.

Affordability: Making safety solutions accessible to all.

Our NDIR technology at Micro Hybrid Electronic, Inc. are addressing these challenges, promoting safety and well-being for both industry and everyday life. How can we help safeguard your environment?


NDIR gas detectors are essential in agriculture, contributing to crop health, environmental responsibility, and food production. They act as modern-day farming assistants.


Greenhouse Gas Control: Managing CO2 levels in greenhouses to enhance plant growth.

Livestock Emissions Monitoring: Reducing methane emissions from cattle for sustainable farming.

Soil Health Assessment: Analyzing soil gases to improve crop yields.


Precision: Ensuring accurate gas measurements in various agricultural conditions.

Durability: Designing detectors that withstand harsh outdoor environments.

Cost-Effectiveness: Making this technology accessible to all farmers.

Our NDIR technology at Micro Hybrid Electronic, Inc. help address these challenges, empowering farmers to make informed decisions for efficient and sustainable agriculture. How can we support your agricultural endeavors?

All in one IR supplier

IR application center in North America

With more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of IR components and gas sensors, Micro-Hybrid is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality OEM gas sensors and sensor modules. We provide full service to our customers and also develop individual solutions up to 100% customer specific. At the Micro-Hybrid IR application center in Tucson our team provides technical consulting for IR measurement tasks in all industrial fields.

  • Infrared components & systems
    • IR MEMS chips on wafer level
    • IR emitter | hermeSEAL® technology
    • IR thermophile & pyroelectric detectors
  • Gas sensors
    • Inline gas sensors
    • Diffusion gas sensors
    • OEM & standard products

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Why choose Micro-Hybrid?

At Micro-Hybrid, we stand out for our unwavering commitment to cutting-edge sensor and IR device technology. Our products are engineered with precision, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance. Additionally, our dedicated support team is poised to provide tailored solutions, making us the preferred choice for businesses seeking excellence in sensing technology.

Are we quality and innovation certified?

Absolutely! Micro-Hybrid is proud to be certified for both quality and innovation standards. Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet industry benchmarks, and we consistently invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. This ensures that our clients receive products of the highest quality and innovation.

What happened to Nova-IR, LLC?

We appreciate your interest in Nova-IR, LLC. As of October 17th 2023, Nova-IR, LLC was acquired by Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH to enhance our product portfolio and expand our capabilities. This integration allows us to provide an even broader range of cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers, leveraging the strengths of both entities.

What are the terms and conditions for delivery in the US?

We prioritize prompt and secure delivery, and offer flexible options to suit your specific requirements. For any additional queries or special arrangements, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Micro-Hybrid US team.

Is customs involved during shipment?

Customs procedures may be involved depending on the shipping destination and local regulations. However, shipments within US and US territories do not have to undergo customs. Rest assured, we strive to streamline this process to ensure your orders reach you in a timely manner.

Is our business only B2B?

Yes, Micro-Hybrid operates as a B2B (Business-to-Business) entity. We specialize in providing advanced sensor and IR device technology solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses across various industries. Our focus is on delivering high-quality products and exceptional service to our fellow customers.

We are happy to help! Contact us for any additional information.