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View to the draft of the CityCube Hermsdorf

Architecture in change at Thuringia´s innovation location

Future property in East Thuringia becomes hotspot at hightech hub.

The former corporate headquarters of Keramische Werke Hermsdorf has a new owner and will be extensivly renovated by 2020. The new functional and light-flooded design is to unobtrusively combine the buliding´s history and architecture with it´s future.

The pulsating industrial location at Hermsdorfer Kreuz is on its way to become an international high-tech hot spot. High-performance ventures, innovative and creative minds, inventive research and development in high-performance ceramics and microelectronics. Hightech visions become reality on the former site of the Hermsdorf ceramic plants.

One of the central buildings is the former headquarters of the GDR concern "Kombinat keramische Werke Hermsdorf". The MEMH real estate company acquired the multi-functional building, which was about to be demolished and which is now to symbolize the high-tech location as the optical flagship. Construction and project manager of the Bau-Consult Hermsdorf GmbH, Michael Kutz, spoke to Micro-Hybrid Marketing Manager Konstanze Hartmann and revealed insights of the construction project.

The Bau-Consult team of architects had to examine through 40 files containing old planning documents, precast element drawings and various calculations before the start of the project in order to gain a basic overview of the building and the structural relation.  The transformation of the building, which was designed in the 1960s, into the present day confronts those involved in the project with greater challenges. "On the one hand, it is the tricky structural framework, but also the projection of the new requirements with regard to current laws and regulations on heat and fire protection and all associated building regulations," says Michael Kutz.

Creative solutions could be found quickly. Inside the building, two additional staircases will be built to provide sufficient escape possibilities. The removal of  four external staircases will allow the realization of an even and calm outer shell, as envisaged in the design.  This includes the maintenance of the existing window bands, which are the main visual characteristics of the building.  "The smooth and straight structured façade blends in with the surrounding buildings and in my opinion corresponds to the Tridelta Campus business location," says Michael Kutz.

As City Cube Hermsdorf (CCH), the building will be available for rent by companies and gastronomic establishments from 2022. Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH is already using the advantages of the large and bright premises with IT and facility management.

Which hidden difficulties did the 7-member project team have to deal with so far? Which steps belong to the whole project realization? What is the time schedule until completion?

Find the answers by reading the interview.

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