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The white branch building in Münchenbernsdorf with big Micro Hybrid logo on the house wall.

Competence Center for High-Quality NDIR Gas Sensors

Investment in series production from module assembly to the fully calibrated sensor

The production of custom NDIR gas sensors is like a high-tech factory with efficiency and flexibility in every step of the process.

Micro-Hybrid has established itself as a leading developer and manufacturer of custom NDIR gas sensors for measuring CO2 in demanding environments. And the global demand for sensors for precise measurement of gas concentrations is increasing. In almost all industries, but especially in medical technology, biotechnology and mobility, the measurement of respiratory gases plays an increasingly important role.

The production of gas sensors for the measurement of carbon dioxide in various applications, such as anesthesia or in cell and tissue incubators, places high demands on technology and personnel.

Our Gas Sensor Competence Center is equipped with a maximum of know-how and future-oriented production technology, including all relevant quality testing standards.

Branch manager Gerd Urban stands in the assembly hall.

Site Manager Gerd Urban:

„We are not a mass producer of simple sensors. We manufacture high quality gas sensors in close cooperation with our customers.“

Investment secures capacity for growing needs

"We've made significant investments this year and updated our production processes and expanded our capacity. As a result, we are optimally equipped to implement customer-specific gas sensor product solutions." Gerd Urban is visibly proud of what the team accomplishes on a daily basis and especially during the rebuilding phase. With the aim of increasing sensor unit numbers, extensive modernization measures and strategic investments have been implemented at the Micro-Hybrid site in Münchenbernsdorf since 2022:

  1. Diversification of manufacturing steps for greater efficiency
  2. New engineering and development spaces
  3. Optimizing production coordination and product development
  4. Modernization and expansion of machinery to increase production capacity
  5. Revise staffing levels to increase efficiency


A portrait of Micro-Hybrid production manager Steve Körbs.

Production Manager Steve Körbs:

"We have created a site decicated to gas sensor technology. To date, we have increased capacity by 100 percent in unit terms.“

Expansion and optimization completed - sales increased 100 %

Micro-Hybrid Production Manager Steve Körbs played a key role in planning and implementing the measures, always with the goal of increasing capacity in mind. The entire modernization was completed in May 2023.

And production capacity has not yet reached its limit. The competence center, headed by Gerd Urban, is also continuing to expand in terms of personnel: Additional logistical steps will be minimized by a further planned integration of the dispatch processing of gas sensors from Münchenbernsdorf directly to the customer. This will help to optimize the time-to-market.

An employee in the assembly hall looks into the PC monitor.
Investment in series production from module assembly to the fully calibrated sensor
On the wall are gas installations.
A gas sensor is mounted at the workplace.

Facing a technological challenge? As an all-in-one IR supplier, we offer the entire spectrum of infrared measurement technology, from IR emitters, thermopiles and pyrodetectors to MEMS chips and sensor modules.

Contact person

Picture of Heiko Richter - Gas Sensors Sales

Dipl. Wirt. - Ing. (FH)

Heiko Richter

Senior Key Account Manager Gas Sensors

+49 36601 592 245


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