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Fertility monitoring with CO2 breath gas analysis

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New technology to predict fertile days in the female cycle

Measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide in exhaled air with infrared technology is the key to an innovative, digital ovulation test for women.

A new method of tracking fertile days in the cycle opens up yet another field of application for infrared gas measurement. By analyzing the CO2 level in the exhaled air it is now possible to accurately determine fertility non-invasively and without side effects. This new approach to monitoring can be used for natural cycle control as well as for the fulfillment of a child's wish.

During fertile days, the level of carbon dioxide in the breathing air decreases. To determine fertility, it is necessary to calmly breathe into the test device for one minute every day. The breath is exposed to infrared light from an IR emitter. The CO2 molecules contained in it absorb part of the IR radiation in the measuring distance. The detector in the analyzer has an optical filter optimized for the intended gas and detects any difference in the transmission of the carbon dioxide. The altered output signal in the sensor evaluates the measurement results via an electronic module and shows the corresponding value in a user-friendly way in a connected app.

This innovative application is simple, safe and sustainable compared to many conventional fertility tracking methods.

For the analysis of the concentration of CO2, Micro-Hybrid offers all necessary infrared components: IR emitters and detectors to detect carbon dioxide in the air breathed.

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