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Co2 breathing gas analysis enables safe cycle control

Carbon dioxide in exhaled air - Indicator of medial parameter fertility

Determination of carbon dioxide concentration in respiratory air enables digital monitoring of fertile days in a woman's cycle.

During the fertile days, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the respiratory air decreases. Using infrared sensor technology, a new method has been developed to determine these days. By analyzing the CO2 content in the breath alone, fertility, or fertility, can be determined non-invasively, without side effects, and safely. This new type of monitoring can be used for natural cycle control as well as for fulfilling a desire to have children.

The IR sensor-based method is very simple for the user. The daily measurement is done simply by breathing into the test device for one minute. In it, the air breathed is irradiated with infrared light by an IR emitter. The CO2 molecules in the air absorb part of the infrared radiation. An IR detector in the measuring device with an optical filter optimized for the gas receives the non-absorbed radiation and detects the difference between emitted and received radiation in the transmission of the carbon dioxide. An electronic unit in the measuring device evaluates the change in the measurement results. An app is then used to display the result in.

This application is simple, safe and sustainable compared to conventional fertility monitoring methods. Detecting carbon dioxide in breathing air is one of many applications of NDIR gas analysis in the field of medical technology.

Micro-Hybrid specializes in the development of infrared sensors and measurement systems and offers infrared components such as IR emitters and IR detectors as well as complete electronics manufacturing for sensor modules.

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