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ImuSENS – the new inertial measurement unit

6-axis measuring system for rail traffic

Measure acceleration and rotation in three dimensions - with the new ImuSENS sensor, you get both the raw data as well as the calculated inclination angle.

The ImuSENS Inertial Measurement Unit with a micromechanical spring-mass system provides continuous data on acceleration and rotation rate in all three spatial directions. . The sensor is then able to calculate its tilt angle from the raw data obtained. Not only the determined tilt angle is significant for the rail vehicle industry, but also the raw data of acceleration and angular velocity can be analysed in a meaningful way by our customers. Using the ImuSENS, it is possible to detect the position of the wagon or to detect driving in curves. Rotational movements as well as as horizontal and vertical accelerations are reliably detected by the ImuSENS sensor while the vehicle is in motion.

The sensor complies with the applicable standards for fire protection, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental influences in rail vehicles. The angular signal of the Inertial Measurement Unit compensates interference caused by sudden movements, jolts and vibrations, so that external influences are minimized.


ImuSENS features the following characteristics:

  • Acceleration measurement range: ± 2 g (x, y, z)
  • Rotation rate measuring range: ± 500 °/s (x, y, z)
  • Inclination measuring range
  • Pitch (Longitudinal) ± 180 °
  • Roll (Lateral) ± 85 °
  • Tilt angle x / Tilt angle y ± 90 °
  • Flexible zero point adjustment
  • Configuration of sensor parameters
  • High operating temperature range -40...+85°C
  • Polyamide housing (IP68)


The embedded CANopen digital interfaces (CiA DS-301, CiA DSP410) allow the sensor to be easily integrated into an existing bus network and the sensor parameters to be easily set. The sensor is mounted on the moving/accelerated measuring object.

Contact us now and let us advise you in detail about our Inertial Measurement Unit!

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Key Account Manager Inertial Sensors

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